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Big capacity folding grass fork for largest JCB wheeled loaders

JCB has introduced a new, larger capacity, folding grass fork to match the productivity potential of its biggest agricultural wheeled loaders.

JCB’s Folding Grass Forks are supplied with all couplings and fittings, and like all JCB agricultural attachments are certified ‘ready to work’ on the chosen host machine.

The 4.88m (16ft) wide unit joins an existing choice of 3.62m (12ft) and 4.40m (14ft) models to fully exploit the capacity of JCB’s newest wheeled loader, the 457S.

This new flagship for a range of machines purpose-built and equipped for agricultural applications, shares some elements of the established JCB 457 used for stockpiling and loading out of large bulk commodity stores

But the ‘S’ designation highlights the latest model’s new rear chassis and counterweight, and the new transmission, axles, wheels and tyres that give it outstanding capabilities for demanding outdoor roles.

The 20 tonne 457S features a Cummins 6.7-litre engine delivering 224hp (167kW) on the Economy setting for less power-hungry applications to save fuel, while the Dynamic setting generates up to 282hp (210kW) to give the loader a class-leading 14hp/t power-to-weight ratio, and results in impressive pushing and climbing performance.

Important addition to range

JCB Agriculture managing director John Smith said: “The new 457S loading shovel is an important addition to our range, providing a further step up in bulk loading performance with tremendous pushing power to meet the requirements of operators carrying out the most demanding applications.

“It also underlines our commitment to developing purpose-built high-capacity wheeled loaders for the agricultural market for efficient and highly productive bulk loading and handling.”

To enable operators to exploit the JCB 457S loader’s capabilities to the full, the group’s specialist JCB Attachments division has developed the new 4.88m (16ft) Folding Grass Fork to the same high standards of engineering and specification as the existing versions.

It has wear-resistant heavy-duty 65mm pivot pins as standard, optimised 200mm tine spacing – perfect for handling chopped grass and maize – and an improved tine design with smooth wear faces to prevent any likelihood of material build-up, and a hard-wearing base plate adds to the attachment’s durability.

As with the existing sizes, the new fork has hydraulically-folding side sections for quick and easy transition into the 2.97m-wide transport configuration, with the wing sections securely locked when travelling between farms.


An optional tine protection frame – with lighting kit if required – can be fitted for added safety to other road users, and when the fork is not in use, an integral storage dock keeps hydraulic hose couplings out of the dirt.

With a capacity of 7.1m3, the new Folding Grass Fork provides ample capacity to exploit the JCB 457S loader’s 6t payload, while the 4.40m (14ft) version with 6.70m3 capacity does likewise for the popular JCB 435S, and the 3.62m (12ft) version at 5.50m3 matches the capabilities of the JCB 419S.

All versions have been designed and engineered for optimum strength and weight, which together with the volume capacities available, maximises the performance potential of the host loaders for increased productivity when filling forage crop storage clamps for winter cattle feed or anaerobic digesters for energy production.


John commented: “The front-end implements produced by our JCB Attachments division are performance-matched to each machine in the extensive JCB materials handling range, from fixed and telescopic boom skid-steer loaders, through compact wheeled loaders and telescopic handlers, to the industry’s only purpose-built agricultural wheeled loading shovels.”


The Folding Grass Fork is quickly and easily reconfigured into the transport position with wing sections locked in place.

Each Folding Grass Fork is supplied complete with the relevant couplings and fittings, and like all JCB agricultural attachments are certified ‘ready to work’ on the chosen host machine.

The 3.62m (14ft) version is designed for existing JCB 419S loaders or the latest Euro Stage V version featuring Dynamic power management, which provides a regular output of 144hp and 660Nm of torque, or maximum outputs of 195hp and 881Nm when outright performance is needed.

JCB Q-fit or Industrial couplings are available, while the 4.40m (14ft) wide version built exclusively for the JCB 435S and the 4.88m (16ft) model for the JCB 457S come with the heavier-duty Industrial couplings only.

The JCB 435S to Euro Stage 5 emissions specification 230hp and 840Nm of torque for routine work but Dynamic peak power is 9.5% higher than its predecessor at 252hp, with 25.5% more peak torque at 1,186Nm giving a real boost to the machine’s already impressive performance.

On all versions of the JCB Folding Grass Fork, the wear-resistant 65 x 40 x 1190mm steel tines have smooth wear plates to prevent build-up of material. They are spaced 200mm apart and are welded into a 125 x 240mm main beam, which is reinforced and protected by a 305 x 25mm thick strip of high wear-resistance steel on the underside.

A prominent ‘JCB’ logo is laser cut into the perforated central back-plate, while square tube uprights retain the load across the rest of the fork yet provide a good view ahead when manoeuvring the loader to drive into a pile of grass or maize.


JCB’s new 4.88m (16ft) hydraulically-folded grass fork is designed for the newly-launched 457S wheeled loader.





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