bTB: Helping to prevent badger access to cattle feed

As bovine TB can survive for months in the environment and still be infective, it is important to break the habit of badgers visiting farms, as part of efforts to reduce transmission, said farm vet Sarah Tomlinson at this year’s Dairy Tech Online.

Access to available feed and mineral licks on-farm have helped badger populations to thrive. While we may not be able to completely eliminate the risks, we can help to manage it by protecting food sources to reduce the number of badgers visiting.

With this in mind, Shield Ventilation creates bespoke feed storage bins from galvanised steel, tailor-made for the farmer. The company has been in the ductwork/ventilation industry for over 35 years but began creating the storage bins just over a year ago – inspired by the company’s accounts administrator Brooke Shield, who produced the first container for her horse feed and other supplies. This prompted requests from everyone on her yard and from there, popularity has spread through word of mouth and social media.

Features include welded tops to keep the shape solid, safety edges, bolted-on handles and a riveted bottom. Shield can manufacture any size with any number of compartments and begins by creating a sketch for the customer to approve.

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