Man in his 80s died following collision with tractor

A man in his 80s died following a collision with a tractor near the Somerset-Dorset border. 

Man in his 80s died following a collision involving Suzuki Celerio and New Holland tractor on Grants Hill, Bradford Abbas, Dorset Police said.
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The accident involving a Suzuki Celerio and a New Holland tractor happened on Grants Hill in Bradford Abbas at around 10.50 am on Saturday, 22nd June. 

The driver of the Suzuki, a local man in his 80s, was declared dead at the scene, Dorset Police confirmed. 

The tractor driver was uninjured in the collision.  

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Full and thorough investigation 

Officers are now appealing for any witnesses to the incident or anyone with relevant dashcam footage to come forward.  

Sgt Richard Stroud, of Dorset Police’s roads policing team, said: “Our thoughts are with the family and loved ones of the man who very sadly died in this collision. 

“We are conducting a full and thorough investigation to establish the circumstances of what happened.” 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Dorset Police online, via email at or by calling 101, quoting incident number 22:185. 

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Driving through countryside

 NFU Mutual shared tips for drivers on how to tackle common hazards faced on rural roads:

  • Speed limits, not targets – designated speed limits are provided as a maximum legal guide, however, hazards such as sharps bends, animals on the road and changing conditions often mean that drivers should determine their speed by the circumstances, rather than the speed limit.
  • Winding roads – when driving on twisting roads, slow your car ahead of the bend to a speed which will allow you to stop should a hazard emerge around the corner.
  • Mud on the road – mud, along with wet leaves, can be incredibly slippery in wet conditions; you should exercise caution and reduce your speed.
  • Manure on the road – anyone driving on a rural road should expect to share it with horses and their riders.
  • Limited vision – hedges and overgrown trees can make it difficult to clearly see the road ahead. Assess your speed according to your surroundings.
  • Reacting to wildlife – look out for signs that indicate you may encounter wildlife. Larger animals present a bigger problem. If there’s no oncoming traffic then sounding your horn may startle the animal to move safely out of the way, whilst braking could reduce the severity of an impact, but always be mindful of vehicles behind you.
  • Livestock delays – if the road is blocked by livestock the best thing to do is stop the car, turn off your engine and wait patiently.
  • Farm traffic – if you do decide to overtake it, make absolutely sure the road ahead is clear and consider any junctions ahead that motorists may pull out from.
  • Ice on or under bridges – the road surface on bridges will be the first to freeze when the temperate drops, whilst roads that run underneath them will often be the last to thaw. Consider your speed and stopping distance in icy conditions.
  • Churches are a sign – if you see a church spire in the distance, it’s very likely that you’re about to drive into a residential area, so be prepared to reduce your speed and look out for vulnerable road users – especially children.

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