Labour manifesto: ‘Food security is national security’

The Labour Party has just published its 2024 general election manifesto, with pledges to champion British farming while protecting the environment. 

The Labour Party has just published its 2024 election manifesto, with pledges to champion British farming while protecting the environment. 

Party leader Keir Starmer said that Labour will set a target for half of all food purchased across the public sector to be locally produced or certified to higher environmental standards.  

The manifesto continues: “We will introduce a land-use framework and make environment land management schemes work for farmers and nature.”

Labour said it recognises that “food security is national security”.

However, the party also said it will work with farmers and scientists to eradicate bovine TB, so it can end the “ineffective” badger cull.

Animal welfare and climate 

Labour’s animal welfare plans include banning trail hunting, the import of hunting trophies and the use of snare traps.  

Meanwhile, when it comes to climate change and energy, Mr Starmer said: “Labour will end the climate and energy chaos, turn the page on 14 years of failed policies, and make Britain a clean energy superpower.” 

Improving resilience  

The Labour Party’s manifesto also states that preparing for the future not only means tackling climate and nature emergencies but also adapting to the changes they will bring to the environment.  

“Without action, flooding and coastal erosion will pose greater risks to lives, livelihoods and people’s wellbeing. The Conservatives’ poor risk management, and a disjointed approach across government and regulators have left Britain badly exposed. 

“Labour will improve resilience and preparation across central government, local authorities, local communities, and emergency services. This includes formally working with all stakeholders in the Fire and Rescue services to inform policy and establish national standards,” it continues. 

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Delivering for nature 

The party has pledged to deliver for nature, taking action to meet the Environment Act targets. Labour said its members will work in partnership with civil society, communities and business to restore and protect the natural world. 

As part of the plans to improve responsible access to nature, Labour promises to create nine new National River Walks, one in each region of England, and to establish three new National Forests in England, while planting millions of trees and creating new woodlands. 

Labour would expand nature-rich habitats such as wetlands, peat bogs and forests so families can explore and wildlife can thrive, including on public land.  

The party is also committed to reducing waste by moving to a circular economy.

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Reaching net zero 

Labour also said that British industry is held back by high electricity costs, which have often made investing here uncompetitive.  

The party’s clean energy mission promises to drive down those bills, making British businesses “internationally competitive”, while its National Wealth Fund would support the most energy intensive sectors to decarbonise. 

The manifesto reads: “Labour will ensure the institutional framework for policy making reflects our commitments to reach net zero and meet our carbon budgets. 

“The Conservatives’ decision to prevent the Bank of England giving due consideration to climate change in its mandates will be reversed.” 

They also mentioned that Britain’s coasts, rivers, and lakes are being polluted by illegal sewage dumping and pledged to “put failing water companies under special measures to clean up our water”. 

Read the manifesto here.

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