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New grain moisture analyser brings host of improvements

Dickey-john, which pioneered the use of 149MHz/UGMA technology when its GAC 2500 was released in 2010, introduces its all-new GAC 2700-UGMA Grain Analysis Computer.

Expanding market opportunities for hybrid rye growers

Under the UK’s new Agricultural Bill and the upcoming ELMS scheme, farmers are likely to be rewarded for lowering their emissions but will ideally aim to deliver this without comprising yields. With a 45% reduction in nitrogen requirement compared with a second wheat and a significant saving on herbicide and fungicide inputs, hybrid rye could help achieve this.

See the latest direct drills in action at Cereals 2021

Minimal soil disturbance and cover crops are the cornerstones of conservation agriculture. Demonstrators in this newly expanded area at Cereals 2021 will showcase and discuss the benefits of their machinery as it relates to direct drill, min-till and no-till solutions for arable farmers.

Oatly accused of ‘bullying’ British family farm in trademark row

Multi-billion-dollar oat drink company Oatly has come under fire after suing a small Cambridgeshire farm for alleged trademark infringement, with consumers and farmers alike left bewildered by the accusation.

Interested in Rye?

RYE NOT? Interest in hybrid rye for grain is growing in the UK, not just because of its agronomic merits but also because it adds diversity to the rotation.

Check your grain ventilation fans out of season

Grain cooling and storage specialist Evans & Pearce explains the importance of looking after fans in and out of season, to avoid damage and downtime through dust and moisture build-up.

AHDB launches ‘Beige is Beautiful’ campaign to encourage people to choose wholegrains

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) is launching a consumer marketing campaign based around a striking piece of art made entirely from wholegrains.

New tool to help farmers make decisions over cereal disease launched

Syngenta has launched a new, online support tool to help growers with fungicide decisions in winter wheat and in winter and spring barley.

Septoria warning as high levels of latent disease is found in plant samples

Septoria pressure in UK wheat crops is expected to build in the coming weeks as warmer temperatures are set to follow early May rainfall.

What sprays are available for your grain stores in 2021? And which is the best?

Martin Cobbald from pest control experts Dealey Environmental Ltd, gives you the run-down on what chemicals are available in 2021 for grain store spraying, in the latest video for Farmers Guide.

Pre-harvest checklist: Get grain stores harvest-ready

Dealey Environmental has put together five top tips to help you to prepare stores ahead of the harvest, so you can keep your grain in good order.

Cereals will go ahead as a face-to-face event, organisers say

After more than 12 months of virtual events due to Covid-19, Cereals is set to go ahead as an in-the-flesh, face-to-face event this year.

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