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Cover crops in the rotation will yield hidden benefits

Experts are urging growers not to overlook the value of cover crops as they plan their rotations for the new season ahead.

Plotting a new course – soil experiment field is on the move

An Aberdeen crop trial field which has been providing Britain’s farmers with vital scientific data for 60 years is being dug up and transported a mile along the road.

Five UK farmers join Bayer’s decarbonisation programme for agriculture in Europe

Bayer have announced the European launch of its global Carbon Initiative. Five farmers from the UK and more than twenty others from across Europe will be working with Bayer to investigate how to decarbonise the food value chain.

Turf wars: arable farming creates “gangsters’ paradise” for soil microbes

The impact of arable farming on soil ecosystems has been likened to creating a “gangsters’ paradise” by one of the authors of new research aimed at helping damaged soils recover.

Blight control for today and tomorrow

Blight is the bane of potato growing and experts warn that, long-term, pressure in the UK is only set to rise. We asked a specialist agronomist, a grower and a crop protection manufacturer about best-practice now and in the future

Common diseases for pulse farmers to look out for this season

Pulse growers are being advised to familiarise themselves with the symptoms, risk factors and management options for key diseases in peas and beans this season.

Getting the most from your sugar beet crop

A particularly cold April has put more pressure on sugar beet farmers than usual, making it vital that every possible action is taken to ensure yields are optimised and able to fulfil their potential. The key to achieving this? A robust nutrient management programme.

New tool to help farmers make decisions over cereal disease launched

Syngenta has launched a new, online support tool to help growers with fungicide decisions in winter wheat and in winter and spring barley.

Adapting to changing climate a challenge for UK farmers

Extreme weather is harming UK agriculture – but many farmers have not yet made adapting to the effects of the climate emergency a priority, a new study shows.

VF technology: how can it improve our soils?

BKT is taking innovative VF technology to the next level, creating a formidable ally against soil compaction.

Soil health improved by fermented compost

Bokashi, a fermented alternative to compost, could help farmers improve soil organic matter and carbon retention.  

Now is the time to monitor your soil for greater sustainability

UK soils have changed greatly in the last few decades. 97% of sampled soils show sulphur deficiency and low organic matter levels are commonplace across arable land. How can we monitor our soils to ensure a robust sustainable practice while, at the same time, promoting higher yields?

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