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6 steps to manage soil and black-grass around harvest

Decisions taken during harvest can have repercussions 12 months later. With farmers determined to recover from a difficult 2019/20, what steps can they take to increase the chances of a successful crop next year? 

Claydon’s Virtual Open Day highlights the importance of soil health

“The future viability of the agricultural sector will depend on growers embracing more environmentally and financially sustainable crop production systems,” farmer and strip seeding pioneer Jeff Claydon, emphasised during the filming of a Virtual Open Day at the Claydon factory.

Give spring cereals a nutrition boost

Spring-sown cereals that have struggled to establish in the dry conditions through April and May could be given a much-needed boost with targeted foliar nutrition, says leading agronomy firm Hutchinsons.

Spray weed seedlings in new sown leys for best control

Control of perennial weeds such as docks, thistles and buttercups is easier and much more cost-effective in new-sown leys than spraying mature, fully established weeds a year later, according to Dr Nicola Perry, weed biology specialist for Corteva Agriscience.

Unsustainable soil erosion in parts of UK

A study examined more than 1,500 existing records and found 16% relating to arable (crop-growing) land showed erosion above “tolerable” levels – meaning rates of soil loss are significantly greater than new soil formation.

Now is the time to establish summer cover for soil health

The next few weeks are the ideal time to establish a summer cover crop mix on uncropped land requiring improvements to soil structure and health after last winter.

Cover crops trial puts direct drills to the test

Ten leading drill manufacturers are taking part in a Farmacy trial in Lincolnshire to see how different machines perform when growing cover crops in the rotation.

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