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New black-grass herbicide in development

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions UK is developing a new herbicide specifically aimed at controlling black-grass in cereals crops.

Delayed drilling still essential for black-grass control

After the sodden conditions last autumn, some arable farmers may consider drilling wheat earlier to guarantee a decent area next harvest. But threats such as grass weeds and virus carrying aphids are both more of an issue in early drilled crops. Bayer’s Darren Adkins gives his thoughts on how farmers can balance the need for wheat area with pest and weed threats.

Early drilled oilseed rape needs tailored herbicide programme

Farmers who drilled oilseed rape in July and August without applying a pre-emergence herbicide will need a tailored approach to weed control this autumn.

Triple-active herbicide for effective weed management

Tower – a residual herbicide containing a unique mixture of pendimethalin, diflufenican and chlorotoluron – offers arable growers easy access to a three-in-one solution which is capable of controlling a wide spectrum of weeds.

Potential broad-leaved weed resistance development

Withdrawal of herbicide active ingredients is putting pressure on the remaining modes of action, warns ADAS weed specialist Dr Sarah Cook. Heather Briggs reports.

Potato growers target clean finish to season as blight pressure resurfaces

Mixed weather patterns across many regions of the UK and Ireland is leading to localised outbreaks of late blight in potatoes, according to Corteva Agriscience.

Growers risk serious escalation of black-grass problems

Many growers across the country are risking a serious escalation of their black-grass problems by failing to pay sufficient attention to key elements of cultural control, according to the latest national grassweed study run independently for Bayer this season.

6 steps to manage soil and black-grass around harvest

Decisions taken during harvest can have repercussions 12 months later. With farmers determined to recover from a difficult 2019/20, what steps can they take to increase the chances of a successful crop next year? 

Survey seeks super rats

Resistant ‘super rats’ are breeding in the UK and more information is needed to reduce their numbers. A new survey will compile data to establish the extent to which resistance is understood and what methods farmers are using to control rodent infestations.

Disease succeeds virus in sugar beet crops

As the first signs of rust (Uromyces betae) and powdery mildew (Erysiphe betae) are reported in crops, growers should prepare to make the first of two fungicide applications advised by the BBRO to protect yield potential.

Follow the label when using Forefront T

Farmers using Forefront T to control perennial weeds such as docks, thistles, ragwort and nettles to turn infested pasture back into productive grassland, must remember treatment comes with certain obligations.

Blight fungicide gets emergency approval

The Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) has approved the use of Funguran Progress to control late blight in organic potato crops.

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