Prepare grain stores ahead of harvest

Having a fully prepared grain store by paying particular attention to hygiene, could be key to avoiding costly insect and rodent infestations over the long storage period later in the year.

Formulation key to weed control success in spring barley

With a record 1 million ha of spring barely planted this year and rain forecast for the beginning of May, growers will be under pressure to control weeds in a narrow window of opportunity, so herbicide formulation could make all the difference.

BlightCast 2020 vision

Syngenta BlightCast is now live and running for the 2020 season, to give potato growers and agronomists a clear picture of impending blight pressure and risks – in time to make active application decisions.

BYDV threat for emerging spring cereals

This season’s vast area of spring sown cereals face emerging to an almost instant intense and prolonged risk of BYDV infection.

Control rats in spring or risk an autumn infestation

Following a mild and wet winter, farmers are being advised to tackle rats in spring to avoid potential infestations this autumn.

Three-point plan to help control farm rodents

Farmers are being urged to follow a three-point rodent control plan this autumn to avoid significant infestations later in the year. Thorough farm checks, consistent baiting schedules and the use

Application deadline looming for metaldehyde reduction funding

Farmers in the Severn Trent region have only got until 15 September 2019 to sign up to receive rewards of up to £5/ha for reducing metaldehyde levels in watercourses.

Defra to be challenged in High Court over metaldehyde ban

Chiltern Farm Chemicals, one of the largest suppliers of molluscicides in the UK, has been granted permission to bring a judicial review of the decision before the High Court, with the view to declare the metaldehyde ban as unlawful.

Certis Europe to contribute to research on control of cabbage stem flea beetle

The Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB), the AgriFood Charities Partnership (AFCP) and Certis Europe BV are to fund a three-year PhD at Harper Adams University in the United Kingdom.

Is ferric phosphate a force to be reckoned with?

With the phase out of metaldehyde-based pellets for the control of slugs, many growers and agronomists are now actively looking to switch to ferric phosphate products this autumn.

Maize growers urged to early action on weeds

Most maize growers are missing out on yield potential by leaving weed control too late.

Don’t forget your grain this winter

With grain losses due to pest damage costing up to £50/metric tonne farmers are being encouraged to check their stores weekly to protect against insect damage. To provide advice and

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