Farm Safety Foundation gives top tips for drivers passing cyclists

Farm Safety Foundation has come up with a list of top tips for driving safely with cyclists on the road, as British Cycling has seen a threefold increase in membership since the 2012 Olympics.

Farm deaths are falling, but there is still work to do – report

Farm deaths fell to a five-year low of 21 in 2019/20 according to the HSE’s latest figures, released today (20th July) to coincide with the start of Farm Safety Week.

Top tips for PTO safety

Parts supplier Pan Anglia explains some of the most common reasons for PTO failure and offers tips for safely maintaining machinery.

Need for access to driving tests ahead of harvest

NFUS is in discussion with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) on the importance of access to driving tests for the agricultural workforce, particularly in the run up to harvest.

NFU Mutual checklist to help farmers plan for a safe harvest

Leading rural insurer NFU Mutual, has launched a checklist to help farmers keep themselves, their families and workers safe through what could be one of the most challenging harvests since the Second World War.

Grain Industry makes moves to improve Health and Safety of Grain Sampling

The grain industry has for some time been working to improve the safety of “on farm” grain sampling and how samples are taken.

Wildfire warning in the south east

Warm weather this week after a prolonged dry period across much of the south east of England has prompted wildfire warnings.

NFU Mutual launches free health and safety service to help farmers

Leading rural insurer NFU Mutual has launched a free Coronavirus safety service to help farmers through one of the most challenging harvests since the Second World War.

Engineering solutions to rural crime

Home Office statistics suggest over a quarter of rural businesses (26 per cent) experienced at least one crime incident in 2018, but it is well-known that such crimes continue to rise, with growing reports of a spike in thefts during lockdown.

Public outcry over calls to light sky lanterns for the NHS

Farmers, conservationists and firefighters alike are united in their pleas to stop releasing sky lanterns in support of the NHS, owing to the dangers they pose to livestock and wildlife.

Quad bike complacency is a killer, warns rural risk expert

A rural insurance specialist is warning farmers not to underestimate the dangers of quad bike use, as Health and Safety Executive figures reveal 26 all-terrain vehicle (ATV)-related deaths since 2010.

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