Kubota unveils autonomous tractor to mark 130th anniversary

Equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and electrification technology, this “dream tractor” concept is a completely autonomous tractor that represents Kubota’s view of our farming future.

Jeremy Clarkson tries to use barking drone to herd sheep

New farmer Jeremy Clarkson has revealed he doesn’t have a sheepdog and instead tried to herd his sheep using a drone with a speaker attached to the top.

Valtra helps develop carbon-neutral meat and dairy production

Valtra is teaming up with fertiliser company Yara in a project that aims to achieve a significant reduction in the environmental impacts of meat and dairy production and increased productivity of grassland production.

£22m awarded to farmers investing in new technology

The government has awarded £22 million to thousands of farmers who are looking to invest in new and innovative equipment.

Drone regulations explained

Farmers are being urged to fully understand the legal implications of drone use and seek training ahead of new 2020 regulations.

New application helps run every agricultural show online

ShowBiz Software has developed its agricultural show management software to a fully web-based version that helps shows of all sizes better manage costs, improve operations and, most importantly, improve their digital marketing.

Consider new technology to calculate accurate seed rates for variable rate drilling

Farmacy chairman Mike Young’s advice is to take the time now to consider how best to optimise variable rate inputs for this autumn, with new technology such as TerraMap offering a genuine opportunity to enhance the benefits of precision agronomy.

Next-Gen vineyard sensor offers 24/7 frost and disease insight

An award-winning leaf wetness sensor is now available to English grape growers, promising real-time information about disease and frost risks to improve on-farm decision-making.

Game-changing soil mapping service launched

A new soil nutrient scanning and mapping system, until now only available and in operation overseas, has been launched in the UK and is claimed to set a new standard for accuracy in precision agriculture.

Xarvio Digital Farming Solutions launches Scouting app for farmers in the UK​

Using instant photo recognition, algorithm and data sharing technology, the free xarvio™ Scouting app enables growers and agronomists to accurately identify weed and disease threats in their fields via their smartphones.

Prof Klaus Hoehn receives Grashof Commemorative Medal

Professor Dr-Ing habil. Klaus Hoehn has been honoured with the Grashof Commemorative Medal for his contribution to the development of future technologies.

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