New rules and logos to protect British food and drink

Defra has announced new rules and logos to protect British food and drink, guaranteeing the authenticity of regional and traditional foods for shoppers and protecting British producers from imitation.

MPs reject bid to protect food standards in Ag Bill debate

MPs have voted against an amendment to the Agriculture Bill, put forward by the House of Lords, to ensure food imported to the UK matches domestic standards.

Ag Bill: Govt ‘unlikely’ to accept food standards amendment

Calls from the House of Lords to ensure food imports match domestic standards are unlikely to result in an amendment to the Agriculture Bill, Defra secretary George Eustice has said.

‘Real fears’ about dairy worker shortage

The government has rejected last-ditch attempts to get dairy workers included on the Migration Advisory Committee’s (MAC) Shortage Occupation List (SOL), after a four-month consultation.

Campaign to protect British food and farming

Chefs and celebrities are urging the public to write to their MP calling for a block on low-quality food imports, as politicians gear up to vote on the Agriculture Bill.

House of Lords revolts against lowering of food standards

A debate on the Agriculture Bill in the House of Lords has seen peers slam the breaks on potential imports of chlorinated chicken and hormone-treated beef, by voting in favour of a clause that would require food imports to meet domestic standards.

Hare coursing “once again prevalent” in the countryside

Following a rise in reports of hare coursing, which typically spikes after harvest, the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) is stepping up its campaign to tackle hare coursing.

Outdoor use of metaldehyde to be banned, Defra confirms

Farming minister Victoria Prentis has announced that the outdoor use of metaldehyde will be banned in Great Britain from the end of March 2022.

Contracts consultation is once in a lifetime opportunity to change dairy sector for the better, says NFU

Flexible and innovative regulation of dairy contracts will help ensure the sector’s sustainability and improve the way dairy farmers and processors work together, the NFU said today.

NSA welcomes Welsh Government pledge to increase use of British wool

The National Sheep Association (NSA) has today welcomed the news that the Welsh Government has announced its commitment to consider using more British wool as a natural insulation product in Wales’ public buildings.

#BackBritishFarming: MPs and consumers show their support for British farmers

MPs are donning wheatsheaf badges to show their support for Back British Farming Day today (9th September), as the NFU warns now is the last chance to for politicians to put their words into action and ensure future trade deals support British agriculture.

£5m precision technology project to focus on sheep welfare management

A £5 million research project involving nine countries – from Scandinavia to the Middle East – is aiming to revolutionise the use of precision technology in sheep and goat farming.

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