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Farms share advice on finding the right milking system

Working to the conditions of the land was a top priority for Cornish farmer Tom Jones, who is hopeful that a new milking system will reduce the farm’s milking time to 2.5 hours. Meanwhile, for Welsh farmers Leo and Giles Rowland, reliability and technology were top of the list when they installed the UK’s first Centrus Composite Rotary System.

Free TB advice service to go England-wide from autumn

From autumn, the TB Advisory Service (TBAS), which offers free biosecurity advice, will be available to all farmers in England who keep livestock susceptible to TB, rather than just those in high risk and edge areas.

New welfare rules announced for farm animals in transit

The NFU said it is pleased Defra has made changes to some proposals based on evidence supplied, but is disappointed that other areas are not more ‘meaningfully welfare-focused’.

Farmers speak out on bTB hardship as Geronimo dominates headlines

As the case of Geronimo the alpaca makes headlines and stirs national sympathy, Farmers Guide takes a look at the mental health impacts bTB has on the UK’s farmers every single day.

Lifecycle analytics: Turning efficiency values into real-time rewards

Herd recording and pig business analysis is changing – and it must if the sector is to achieve key targets to improve efficiency, reduce waste and meet carbon neutral objectives.
Jane Jordan writes.

Update to zinc-free diet research

Continued diet research in preparation for next year’s zinc ban has resulted in a piglet nutrition programme being extensively tested under commercial conditions by Primary Diets.

Warning over spike in worm egg counts

Farmers are being urged to test their lambs for worms to avoid impacts on growth rates, as high burdens are being reported across the UK following a period of warm and wet weather.

‘Gladis Law’ receives government support after reaching millions

The Dorset farmer campaigning to change the law following the death of his now-famous Highland cow, Gladis, is one step closer to the so-called ‘Gladis Law’ being passed.

Mastitis: How to implement an effective hygiene programme

Evans Vanodine provides advice on pre- and post-milking protocols, as well as products and other measures that can help to prevent and manage mastitis on farm.

Three-point checklist for starting out in free range hens

With UK supermarkets pledging to move away from caged eggs, a new 16,000 bird shed will need to be built each week up until 2025 to meet consumer demand, explains Fred Liddell, poultry specialist at Wynnstay. So, there is an opportunity for farmers looking to diversify their business.

World-first trials launch for bTB vaccine and skin test

Clinical field trials of a world-leading BCG vaccine and DIVA skin test have been launched on a cattle farm in Hertfordshire.

The subtle signs of laminitis – what to look for

Farmers Guide spoke with The British Horse Society to find out more about laminitis.

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