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Dairy herd health and fertility see big gains over the past year

The latest Kingshay Dairy Costings Focus report shows marked improvements in health and fertility, as well as encouraging trends in production and financial performance.

High early-June temperatures enough to upset conception rates, data shows

A network of temperature and humidity monitors, installed by Cargill in cow sheds across the UK this summer, has recorded heat stress conditions in all regions in the first two weeks of June and highlighted levels that could affect cow fertility and milk production.

Animal health “key to bridging gap between top and bottom performing farms”

A recent Elanco A2K event offered an update on the key parasite challenges facing cattle and sheep farmers this season, and heard from one shepherdess who implemented a successful worm control plan on a white wormer resistant farm.

Heat stress in pigs: how big of an issue will it be this year?

Although we’ve only just started to see the sun, heat stress can prove a problem even when the sun is not out. Lallemand’s Hannah Elliott explains the risk factors, signs and how to minimise the impact through nutritional management.

Be vigilant for coccidiosis in calves around weaning, farmers warned

As the warmer summer weather dries out ground soaked by the heavy UK rainfall during May, cattle producers are being urged to be vigilant for any coccidiosis outbreaks in calves around weaning.

Spotlight on: Milk fever

Milk fever is among the most common metabolic disorders of dairy cows (1). Farmers Guide spoke to Norbrook about the impacts of milk fever and supportive therapies – including its brand-new milk fever range.

Prevention of scour is much better and less expensive than cure

Dr TB Barragry, European specialist in veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics, explores the benefits of a unique and proven probiotic, which field trials have found to be as effective as antibiotics in the prevention of calf scour.

When grass alone is not enough

Mineral deficiencies caused by differences in the mineral content of pastures at grazing time can slow down production benefits farmers could be achieving at this time of year. Downland spoke to Farmers Guide about the benefits of a free-access supplement.

Missed opportunities for EAE testing, survey reveals

Veterinary advisor warns of ‘abortion storm’ in following year’s lambing season for the 44 per cent of farmers who do not investigate why ewes are aborting.

Dairy farmers warned of heat stress impact on dry matter intakes

With temperatures now regularly reaching 20ºC and beyond, dairy farmers are being warned that cows are extremely susceptible to heat stress which can result in depressed dry matter intakes (DMI) and reduced milk yields.

New tech to boost cow productivity and sustainability

Dairy technology company Waikato Milking Systems has introduced an exciting new product to help farmers make better long-term decisions for care of their herd, and their dairy businesses.

Blowfly strike risk now rising, forecasters warn

Despite a late start to the strike season, warming temperatures mean blowflies are emerging in greater numbers, according to the latest update from Nadis and Elanco.

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