Top pedigree herd goes for gold

An award-winning Essex-based pedigree Holstein herd has made it through to the final round of the 2020 NMR/RABDF Gold Cup.

‘Normal’ worm season pushed well into winter, forecast suggests

Latest post mortem results show high percentage of worm problems, while forecasts indicate mild wet weather will alter parasites’ traditional activity periods.

New test could detect liver fluke exposure in minutes

Tech company Mologic has teamed up with the University of Liverpool to develop rapid diagnostic test, which could help tackle flukicide resistance.

Product news: Boosting essential trace minerals

How treating with Multimin pre-calving could benefit your herd and your business.

Trace minerals: What you need to know pre-calving

Despite only being present in tiny amounts, trace minerals are absolutely vital to normal physiological functions and, consequently, the health and productivity of beef cattle. Even a subclinical deficiency can have a significant impact, writes vet and Virbac technical adviser, Kate Ingram.

Double celebration for one of the UK’s oldest herds

Kent farm makes it into the final six for prestigious award – just as the herd celebrates its 100th birthday.

Reliability and mixing performance continues to impress on Suffolk dairy farm

A Shelbourne Reynolds diet feeder achieves excellent mix quality and has proved totally reliable during five years’ use, according to a Suffolk dairy farming family. David Williams reports.

Making use of NSAIDs for early calf scour treatment

With a growing need to reduce antimicrobial usage, regular temperature monitoring and early use of a NSAID can offer a first-line defence against calf scour[1].

New report highlights key to success for Scottish livestock farmers

Improving economic and environmental sustainability is key to the success of Scotland’s livestock industry, according to a new report by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS).

Grass-based system going for gold

Salisbury farmer Mark Hoskins is one of six dairy businesses in the running for the 2020 NMR/RABDF Gold Cup. Farmers Guide finds out more.

Prepare now for winter calf care, specialist says

As the first frosts arrive, preparing for winter becomes a priority. Just as cars need preparing for harsher driving conditions, so calves need extra energy and an immune system booster if they are to thrive through the colder months.

Farmers urged to monitor for early signs of scour in calves

Farmers are being urged to monitor for the early signs of scour in calves as part of a campaign to help save the industry £60 million a year.

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