Dairy farmers urged to speak up for fair contracts in govt consultation

The UK Government has launched a consultation to find out whether new regulations could help to ensure dairy farmers are treated fairly, which the NFU is describing as a “once in a lifetime opportunity to build a better future for the UK dairy sector”.

Fly control: Top tips for cattle and sheep

With over 20 different species affecting livestock in the UK, flies are one of the biggest ectoparasite problems faced by farmers across the country. From loss of productivity due to reduced grazing time, through to acting as a vector for diseases, the impact of flies can be significant and, if not appropriately controlled, can even result in livestock fatalities.

Fund to support dairy farmers opens for applications

The dairy response fund has opened today for applications from eligible dairy farmers in England in need of support following the coronavirus outbreak.

Dairy campaign reaches out to 33 million during lockdown

The ‘Milk Your Moments’ dairy promotional campaign was seen by 29.5 million people in the national press and 33 million across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter since its launch in mid-May.

Integrated parasite control on cattle farms

The Control of Worms Sustainably in cattle (COWS) group has published the final chapter in its updated Guide, bringing together key technical messages from other new chapters on roundworms, lungworm, liver and rumen fluke and ectoparasites.

New AHDB Dairy and NMR link gives access to herd’s genetic status

NMR and AHDB Dairy have developed a secure link from NMR’s dairy management system Herd Companion to the Herd Genetic Report on AHDB’s website.

Covid-19: Dairy funding scheme to open for applications

A scheme offering dairy farmers up to £10,000 each as a result of the Covid-19 crisis will open for applications on 18th June, the government has confirmed.

Deosan launches new environmentally friendly lameness product

Deosan HH+ is the latest product to join the Deosan range and aims to effectively target lameness, an issue that is currently costing the dairy industry more than 1p per litre of milk produced on the farm, according to AHDB.

Relief as dairy farmers offered financial support

Dairy farmers in England will be able to access up to £10,000 each, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to cause serious market volatility and financial strain in the sector. But some farming organisations are warning that further help may be needed.

Dairy industry unites to launch £1m consumer campaign

The UK dairy sector in partnership with Government has today announced a new joint-funded campaign to highlight the importance of ‘human connections’ during the current coronavirus crisis.

NMR makes offer on pregnancy test kits

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NMR is waiving the post and packaging costs on its Pregnancy Associated Glycoprotein (PAG) milk sample pregnancy test kits until July 30, 2020.

Local hospitals ‘a good customer’ for dairy farmers

Alexia Robinson, founder of Love British Food, is heading up an innovative matchmaking service to help hospitals source local milk for their patients, potentially creating a robust supply chain for dairy farmers.

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