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Automated milk cup boosts number of piglets weaned at the sow

Arriving in the UK late last year, the Opticare Automix from Zarkos-Smith Associates (also known as Swinco internationally) has already proven popular with farmers, as it allows larger litters to stay with the sow without being labour-intensive.

NZ halts live cattle exports after ship capsizes

New Zealand has suspended live cattle exports after a ship carrying nearly 6,000 animals sank off the Japanese coast on Wednesday, with the fates of more than 40 crew members still unknown.

Red meat exports see strong start despite Covid-19

AHDB is reporting a good start to the year for red meat exports, with shipments already worth £733 million in the first six months – up nearly three per cent on the same period last year.

GB milk deliveries fall back due to extreme heat

Milk deliveries dropped back considerably in the week ending 15th August, most likely as a result of the extreme heat, AHDB reports.

Industry set for another week of celebrating lamb

The increasingly popular Love Lamb Week kicks off its sixth year next month, with industry support greater than ever.

Farmer’s podcast shares top tips on getting into dairying

A dairy farmer from Staffordshire says attending specific dairy courses and joining discussion groups were a vital part in equipping her and her husband with the skills to run their own business.

Worms cost UK farmers £270m a year, study finds

Roundworms, liver fluke and lungworm are costing UK livestock producers £270 million in lost production and treatment expenditure every year, according to a new study to be published in the journal Preventive Veterinary Medicine. The study examined the economic burden of major parasitic worm infections on livestock across 18 European countries.

Bumper trade as Shearwell Thame Summer Sheep Sale kickstarts breeding sales season

Traditionally marking the start of the annual autumn breeding sales season, with the first substantial breeding sale in the country, the 18th Shearwell Thame Summer Sheep Sale did not disappoint despite Covid-19 restrictions, with dearer trade reported in all sections.

Managing sheep lameness requires a concerted approach

UK sheep producers are being encouraged to implement all the proven measures to control sheep lameness, following publication of new research into practical management routines on farm.

Precision key to cost effective milk production

If precision is key to cost-effective milk production, understanding the true energy values of fats will underpin building a successful diet for healthy, fertile dairy cows, explains nutritional supplement manufacturer UFAC-UK.

Fatty acids yield benefits in early lactation dairy cows

New research from Michigan State University, USA, demonstrates significant improvements in cow productivity with specific fatty acid supplementation through early lactation.

Project supporting British farmers is seeking 22t of Herdwick wool

A Cumbrian company is supporting the British wool industry by sourcing around 22 tonnes of Herdwick wool from Cumbrian farmers this August, to use in its best-selling chimney draught excluder.

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