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Free range eggs no longer available in the UK as avian flu outbreak continues

Compulsory bird housing measures have now been in place for more than 16 weeks as the UK battles its worst outbreak of avian flu to date.

Reducing ammonia emissions with air scrubbing systems

UK poultry farms are increasingly being challenged by permitting requirements to reduce the concentrations of ammonia leaving houses. draperGROUP senior ventilation consultant Justin Emery provides some guidance.

Sensor and app tech drives welfare and profitability

As farmers face ongoing recruitment problems, price rises and regulatory changes, Chris Beamish, chief operating officer at Greengage Agritech, explores robust technology that can be incorporated into the farm’s existing set up, improving welfare, efficiency and profitability.

Further cases of avian flu reported in Suffolk

A new spate of H5N1 outbreaks has been confirmed in Suffolk – near Redgrave and Elmswell.

Should we be worried about the UK’s first human case of H5 avian flu?

After the first human case of H5 avian flu was detected in the UK, Farmers Guide spoke to virologist Dr Phillip Gould about this rare species jump, and what farmers should be aware of as H5N1 cases escalate in UK birds.

First human case of H5 avian flu detected in the UK

Routine testing revealed very rare case of transmission to a human after close contact with infected birds.

Avian flu cases continue into new year

New cases of H5N1 have been confirmed in Lincolnshire, Cumbria and Berkshire so far this month, as well as a number of new confirmed cases over Christmas and New Year.

‘Take urgent action or risk losing flocks to avian flu’ – chief vet

The UK is facing its most significant avian influenza risk to date.

Further cases of avian flu reported

Defra has confirmed more cases of highly pathogenic H5N1 in Lincolnshire and South Derbyshire, as well as new outbreaks elsewhere in the UK.

UK poultry farms battling “largest ever” avian flu outbreak

Chief vet “very concerned” as around half a million birds culled and the number of premises infected with H5N1 rises to more than 40.

Covid-19: Travel quarantine exemption for seasonal poultry workers

The NFU has been working with the government and industry to find a solution to concerns that migrant seasonal poultry workers would face travel restrictions this year because of Covid-19.

Avian flu detected at premises in Lancashire

H5N1 has been confirmed at two new premises – near Poulton le Flyde, Wyre and near Clitheroe, Ribble Valley.

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