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Isle of Anglesey hit by avian flu

Welsh chief veterinary officer says the case is “further evidence of the need for all keepers of birds to ensure they have the very highest levels of biosecurity in place”.

Avian flu: UK-wide housing measures to be introduced

Amid a growing number of confirmed avian flu cases, all UK bird keepers will be required to keep birds indoors and follow strict biosecurity measures.

Five new avian flu cases confirmed across England

Bird keepers in parts of North Yorkshire are now required to keep birds indoors.

New avian flu cases in Dorset

Testing is underway to determine the pathogenicity of avian influenza H5N1, confirmed in commercial poultry.

Further cases of avian flu confirmed in commercial poultry

H5N1 has been confirmed at premises near Kirkham, Lancashire, and South Derbyshire.

Avian flu: How to manage the risk on your farm

As the avian influenza season gets underway – with seven cases across GB so far this outbreak – Farmers Guide spoke to vets and industry bodies for some guidance for poultry farmers.

Two further cases of avian influenza in England

Highly pathogenic H5N1 has been confirmed in Lancashire and North Yorkshire.

Industry calls for urgent price rise for free range egg producers

A price rise is urgently needed to cover huge increases in the cost of feed, energy, transport, and labour which have been creeping up over the past 12 months and show no sign of abating.

New avian flu case confirmed in Essex

Avian influenza H5N1 has been confirmed in birds at a premises near Frinton-on-Sea, Essex.

Poultry gatherings banned amid spate of avian flu cases

The ban comes into force today (8th November) after another case of H5N1 was confirmed in Warwickshire.

Chief vets declare avian flu prevention zone across GB

Following avian influenza outbreaks in England, Scotland and Wales, it is now a legal requirement for all bird keepers in Great Britain to follow strict biosecurity measures.

Avian flu detected in poultry and wild birds near Wrexham

Dead wild birds found in the area are believed to be the source of the infection.

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