Driving change at New Holland Agriculture

Whatever you cultivate, raise, harvest, bale or transport, New Holland claims it always has the machine and equipment to fit your needs like a glove.

Tractors from 27 to 435hp, best-in-class conventional, rotary and crossover combines, round and big square balers, profit-raising telehandlers, a complete choice of tillage and grass equipment, and a selected offering of construction machines, able to perform a wide range of agricultural applications.

New Holland understands farmers’ needs and supports their jobs with state-of-the art manufacturing locations across the globe and four Centres of Excellence dedicated to developing the next generation of agricultural machinery. The company is continually redefining modern agriculture to maximise productivity, efficiency, sustainability, performance and the comfort that farmers demand.

Their Basildon tractor plant has over 55 years of experience building many iconic blue tractors locally for the world. Today the production line is home to the T6 and T7 range of tractors which all benefit from Stage V engine emissions, the latest and cleanest level to date. Stage V engines offer the user a 25% increase in hours between services, from 600 to 750, while still utilizing the same Ambra oils as today.

The popular T6 is available in 6 models from 115hp up to 175hp boosted, including two models with a 6-cylinder engine, the T6.160 and T6.180. The 135hp rated T6.160 model is their latest development and is unique in this segment of the marketplace.

New Holland offers three types of transmission within the T6 range of tractors: a Semi Powershift ElectroCommand (EC), Dual Clutch Dynamic Command (DCT) or Continuously Variable Auto Command (CVT). This comprehensive transmission offering enables the user to match a tractor to any application or requirement. All are available in 40kph or 50kph and with the option of creeper speeds for specialist applications.

The Dynamic Command is an ace in the pack, launched in 2017, this transmission is proving exceptionally popular with customers looking for the efficiency of a Semi Powershift transmission but the comfort and smooth changes of CVT like functionality. The 24×24 transmission offers 8 gears across 3 ranges with overlapping gears between the key working speeds. This ensures efficient transfer of power to the ground, with reduced loss of momentum between gear changes and an increased work rate.

Dynamic Command can be specified with a basic or advanced Sidewinder armrest and is equally suited to yard, road or field work. Extra options such as Ground Speed Management give further efficiency gains through the operator selecting a target speed, and the tractor adjusting engine rpm and gear to suit to the task or conditions in hand. As well as operator comfort, Ground Speed Management ensures increased fuel economy, maximising the torque characteristics on the engine during long working days.

The T7 range boasts 3 families from 150 – 315hp.

The standard wheelbase T7.190, T7.210 & T7.225 are available in a Semi Powershift, Full Powershift or CVT transmission. Moving up the horsepower sector, the long wheelbase range, the T7.230, T7.245, T7.260 & T7.270, are offered with Full Powershift or CVT transmissions with in cab operation controls to suit varying driver’s needs. At the top end of the spectrum is the T7 HD range, this encompasses 3 models, a T7.275, T7.290 and T7.315 all with Auto Command CVT gearboxes.

As with every business operation, safety and comfort are paramount. To meet these requirements, all T6 & T7 tractors are offered with the option of an engine exhaust brake which increases the braking efficiency by up to 40% on the T7.315. In true terms, this equates to 126hp of braking.

Another best kept secret is New Holland’s Intelligent Trailer Braking feature, which can be added to Auto Command transmissions on T7 models. This award-winning feature measures the deceleration force of a tractor and applies a proportional amount of air pressure to the trailer brakes, keeping drive train taught and eliminating a skid risk.

New Holland Blue Power editions are available on T7.225 and all long wheelbase T7 Auto Command tractors. This package includes striking midnight blue metallic paintwork, a leather branded seat, a leather feel steering wheel, luxury carpet and high intensity LED work lights to make the darkest night into the brightest day.

To meet current demands and future-proof business practices, factory fitted front linkage can be fitted to all T6 & T7 models, powered through dedicated mid mount valves which in turn saves the use of rear remotes, and control falls easy to hand through an armrest mounted joystick. Factory fitted guidance is another specification available and can be fully integrated into the tractor’s architecture with an accuracy level down to 2.5cm. Telematics can also be at hand to view fleet and productivity using the MyNewHolland app.

New Holland is confident that the T6 & T7 has a lot to offer your business. With the wide product range and vast option availability there is a tractor to suit your business needs.

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