Evolving to support modern farm life

Farmer-owned livestock marketing co-operative AQM Ltd spoke to Farmers Guide about its evolution over the past 50-plus years.

AQM Ltd is a long-established livestock marketing co-operative that has built its reputation on providing support, advice and action as and when required. Over the 50-plus years of trading, its has evolved from a traditional livestock marketing co-operative to the forward-thinking company which, with its experience, AQM believes is ideally suited to help customers with all aspects of modern farming life.

The customer is still at the heart of AQM and the company says it prides itself on its levels of service and expertise, which are offered throughout all areas of livestock production – from delivering custom-designed handling systems supplied by a range of manufacturers, to providing tailored farm insurance, financial and succession planning.

However, it is perhaps the increasing focus on technology in today’s world, that allows AQM to draw these areas together to support customers on their journey.

Selection of the right system and its installation is often challenging and knowing what to do with the data can perplexing. AQM says it can offer advice and support on the integration of technology to help with monitoring, increasing productivity and security and tracking – using bespoke electronic monitoring and alert systems for all aspects of the farm.

The team believes technology, whilst relevant, does not provide all of the answers alone, which is why it believes and always will believe, in the importance of a ‘boots on-farm’ approach, enabling the building of long-lasting relationships, to help with the selection of stock, and to ensure that the data being captured is implemented in a practical way to support farmers’ interests.

AQM says it is passionate about helping all customers to be successful and support farms, irrespective of their size. As a trusted part of the supply chain, AQM can help market cattle, sheep or pigs into range of outlets to match your livestock’s potential.

For further information visit: https://www.aqm.co.uk

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