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Water-heating micro turbine launches

A new water- or space-heating micro wind turbine package is now available from manufacturer FuturEnergy. It is the first of its kind as it focuses directly on producing heat, either connected to a water tank immersion heater or an electric heating radiator.

The AirForce Controller is unique as it can extract more energy from the wind than a typical ‘off-grid’ battery charging system. It does so by precisely controlling the rotor speed of the turbine to perfectly match wind speeds at any given time, with the supplied wind sensor, ensuring maximum rotor efficiency and also, due to speed control, the ability to operate in much stronger weather conditions where other turbines would need to shut down.

According to the company, the system is a great way to utilise renewable energy at low cost – avoiding the need for expensive battery systems to store generated energy. Instead, the energy is stored as hot water or used for simple space heating, which is one of the main energies used in the home.

Typical applications for the product include off-grid building heating or water heating and reducing fuel or electricity cost by supplementing heating of any building in a good wind speed area. A free android and iOS app are now available so the system can be controlled and monitored remotely.

The package includes AirForce1 Wind Turbine, Airforce Controller V4 and Anemometer. Additionally, up to three temperature sensors can be connected to the controller, which can be used to stop heating should a required temperature be reached.

Upgrade options bring new life to turbines

Wind turbine owners left without support after Endurance went out of business in 2016 now have repair and upgrade options open to them – thanks to nationwide renewables specialist Natural Generation Ltd.

When Endurance closed in 2016, UK turbine owners who had invested in their 55–85kW machines were left exposed as problems began to affect their machines. The biggest of the issues were cracks in the bed frames, broken shafts and cracks in the blades. Some machines failed and others were shut down for safety.

Natural Generation, specialists in the operation and maintenance of solar and wind energy systems, has invested £1million in spares and built a network of suppliers, to offer  a full range of new and upgraded parts.

“We’ve worked hard to bring together a supply chain and stockholding system that lets us minimise the time it takes to get a turbine back earning money,” says managing director Ivor Thomson.

Typical parts required include new stronger bed frames, uprated shafts and bearings and re-engineered blades.

A full upgrade takes about a week and there is a range of maintenance contracts available. All contracts now include as standard 24/7 remote monitoring 365 days a year.

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