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Double top for Wigboro herd

Nearly 800 cattle were judged over the two days of the Royal Norfolk Show in late June which saw the Smith family from St Osyth, Essex take top honours in the dairy championships.

Judge Nick Dain chose the family’s Holstein Wigboro Altarush Durose as his champion and John Smith’s Ayrshire Wigboro Wick Evolution Peggy in reserve.

The champion is currently giving 45 litres a day having calved in January. She was reserve champion at Suffolk last year. Durose was purchased as a calf from Sarah Lambert from Basildon and was sired by Altarush. The family milks 210 Holsteins and six years ago John Smith started breeding Ayrshires and now has around 40 Ayrshires in the family herd which also includes 10 Jerseys. Peggy’s success comes after taking breed championship at the Suffolk which was John’s first homebred win with an Ayrshire. Peggy last calved on 25th April and is giving 40 litres a day. 

“This is our first ever interbreed championships and to do the double here today was a bit of a shock,” said Mr Smith. He plans to take the show team to Edenbridge at the end of August and maybe also at Telford.

Meanwhile an Aberdeen Angus bull from the Shadwell Estate took top honours in the beef interbreed championships. 

Five-year-old Shadwell Ebenezer was previously shown as a yearling bull when he took reserve male champion at the Royal Norfolk. Since then he has been working in the Lavenham-based herd and sired many calves. He will now be shown at the Royal Welsh before heading back to the herd to continue work. 

“It is always a surprise to win,” said herd manager Robert Clarke. “We knew he was good enough but didn’t expect to win because there are a lot of good cattle here.”

Reserve beef interbreed champion was the two-year-old British Limousin bull Trueman Mozart from Anita Padfield and Paul Barwood.  

Sheep rings

In the sheep rings judge Brian MacTaggart from Scotland chose Geoff and Carol Watson’s Charollais ewe as his interbreed champion. He said that the ewe caught his eye early on and had “style, presence and carried herself wonderfully”. The ewe is from the couple’s Sulwood flock based at Desborough, Northamptonshire. Reserve interbreed champion was a Southdown ewe from Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer’s Ridings flock at Lewes, East Sussex. 

In the pig championships judge Steve Richardson chose an Oxford Sandy and Black gilt as his champion and Tamworth sow in reserve. The champion pig – Oldlands Gertrude 2 – from Ian Lawrence was “the best Oxford Sandy and Black I have seen with a really good under line which is unusual for the breed,” the judge explained. “It is a really nice smart gilt,” he added. The Tamworth Beechwood Maple 13 from James Farrington moved well in the final judging and was a “really good sow” he said. He chose a Large White boar from R. Emerson as his Modern breed champion with Welsh July gilt Owersby Daffodil 820 from A and P Schofield in reserve.



Interbreed (Judge, Mr N. Dain, Norfolk) Supreme, Smith Farms, Wigboro Altarush Durose (Holstein); reserve, J. Smith, Wigboro Wick Evolution Peggy (Ayrshire)

Holstein (Mr E. Griffiths, South Yorkshire) Sup., Smith Farms, Wigboro Altarush Durose; res., Blydale Holsteins, Blydale El Niro Missy

Ayrshire (Ms S. Liddle, North Yorkshire) Sup., J. Smith, Wigboro Wick Evolution Peggy; res., J. Smith Wigboro Burdette Brown 

Jersey (Ms S. Pye, Lancashire) Sup., Barnowl Jerseys, Barnowl Miles Tulip; res., Moonshine Jerseys, Moonshine Glam Com Dance

Any Other Dairy Breed (Ms S. Liddle) Sup., E.S. Burroughs & Son, Oakalby Quadrant Cathy (British Friesian); res., Pearn Wyatt and Son, Twells Susie 69 (Dairy Shorthorn)



Interbreed (Mr A. Houston, Scotland) Supreme, Shadwell Estate Company, Shadwell Ebenezer N672 (Aberdeen Angus); reserve, Barwood & Padfield, Trueman Mozart (British Limousin)

Aberdeen Angus (Mr A. McLaren, Northamptonshire) Sup., Shadwell Estate Company, Shadwell Ebenezer N672; res., R. Moore, Fenland Endurance

Beef Shorthorn (Mr M. Severn, West Yorkshire) Sup., LEP Farms, Meonhill Secret Katie; res., G. Hunt, Wenmar Tessa

Belted Galloway (Mr D. Powell, Worcestershire) Sup., W.H. Robinson & Sons, Southfield Sonny Boy; res., Holkham, Holkham Caroline

British White (Mr B. Llewelyn, Wales) Sup., Delamore Farms, Bulby Jasmine; res., S. Cook, Alcroft Georgia

Dexter (Mr R. Murray, Cumbria) Sup., P. Brind, Clobell Bramble; res., Grove Farm Dexters, Ballyloughan Edinburgh

Hereford (Mr R. Dorrell, Worcestershire) Sup., P. Cobley, Blakesley 1 Major; res., Fowell Brothers, Bure Valley 1 Paddington

Highland (Mr K. Brown, Scotland) Sup., T.P. Radford, Wendreda Dubh 1 of Kelby; res., G.J.H. & I.E.A. Rainey, Logan of April

Lincoln Red (Mr R. Rettie, Scotland) Sup., J. & S. Loveday, Polly; res., R. Mawer, Foulness Ultra

Red Poll (Mr J. Butler, Oxfordshire) Sup., G. & S. Barnes, Hopeham Fauzie; res., Capel Manor College, Capel Manor Enya

South Devon (Mr R. Harvey, Devon) Sup., Hadley Farms, Eyton SAS Leo; res., J. McInnes Skinner, Starling

Sussex (Mr J. Harmer, East Sussex) Sup., M.K.D. Hind, Mayfield Captain 12; res., Chandler & Dunn, Goldstone Poll Duke 6

Any other native breed (Mr R. Hartshorn, Shropshire) Sup., Owen Smith Farming, Butley Vanguard; res., G. Harrison, Churchview Poynings 6 (Shorthorn)

British Blue (Mrs G. Ellis, Cornwall) Sup., R. Partridge & Son, Kersey Jet; res., Barwood & Padfield, Bedgebury Legend

British Charolais (Mr M. Minto, West Sussex) Sup., D. Knox, Balbithan Nancy; res., Wissington Charolais, Wissington Mocha

British Limousin (Mr J. Hazard, Lincolnshire) Sup., Barwood & Padfield, Burnbank Jenny; res., Barwood & Padfield, Trueman Mozart

British Simmental (Ms B. Borlase, Hertfordshire) Sup., D.A. & L.A. Sapsed, Heathbrow Ceirles Ivy; res., T. Hill & R. Wright, Scotland Hill Iceman 17

Commercial (Mr C. Phillips, Herefordshire) Sup., P. & S. Sellers, She’s A Diva; res., T.A. & L.C. Lyon and Son, MD Night



Interbreed (Mr S. Richardson, Cheshire) Sup., I. Lawrence, Oldlands Gertrude 2 (Oxford Sandy and Black); res., J. Farrington, Beechwood Maple 13 (Tamworth)

Modern (Mr S. Richardson, Cheshire) Sup., R. Emerson, Greenhill Farm King David 19A (Large White); res., A. & P. Schofield, Owersby Daffodil 820 (Welsh)

Traditional (Mr S. Richardson, Cheshire) Sup., I. Lawrence, Oldlands Gertrude 2 (Oxford Sandy and Black); res., J. Farrington, Beechwood Maple 13 (Tamworth)

Middle White (Mr K. Matthews, North Yorkshire) Sup., O. & M. Giles, Tedfold Fair Lady 132; res., B. Merry, Pinehurst Fairlady 27

Large Black (Mr K. Matthews) Sup., P.E. Churchyard & Son, Breckles Jewel 131; res., D. Cullington, Broccwood Princess 2

British Saddleback (Mr K. Matthews) Sup., O. & M. Giles, Tedfold Molly 31A; res., A.M. Long, Fransgreen Dictator 18

Berkshire (Mr K. Matthews) Sup., S. Ashcroft, Barlings Stonebow; res., S. Ashcroft, Barlings Peter Lad

Oxford Sandy and Black (Mr K. Matthews) Sup., I. Lawrence, Oldlands Gertrude 2; res., I. Lawrence, Oldlands Elsie 10

Any other traditional breed (Mr K. Matthews) Sup., J. Farrington, Beechwood Maple 13 (Tamworth); res., S. Roberts, Raisinhall Melody 39 (Tamworth)

Large White (Mr B. Card, Dorset) Sup., R. Emerson, Greenhill Farm King David 18A; res., T. Cook, Portbredy Maple Leaf 3867

Welsh (Mr B. Card) Sup., A. & P. Schofield, Owersby Daffodil 820; res., J. Farrington, Beechwood Victor

Any other modern breed (Mr B. Card) Sup., S. Roberts, Raisinhall Renate2 (Pietrain); res., S. Roberts, Raisinhall Panpan (Pietrain)

British Landrace (Mr B. Card) Sup., K. & B. Adams, Goosetree Ally; res., K. & B. Adams, Goosetree Hawk 2

Commercial (Mr B. Card) Sup., A. & P. Schofield; res., P.D. & G.S. Mortimer.



Interbreed (Mr B. MacTaggart, Scotland) Sup., G. C. & C.J. Watson (Charollais); res., Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer (Southdown)

Suffolk (Mr J. Young, Scotland) Sup., T. Blunt; res., G. & E. Beddie

Blue Texel (Mr J. Lyle, Scotland) Sup., William Clarke Livestock; res., E. Carr & M. Friend

Hampshire Down (Mr R. MacFarlane, Scotland) Sup., E. & A. Jones; res., R.G. & S.A. Banks

Jacob (Mrs J. Simmons, Staffordshire) Sup., C. Richardson; res., A.R. & J. Smith

Lincoln Longwool (Mr G. Hayes, Warwickshire) Sup., M.D. & J. Coney; res., I. &L. Fairburn

Norfolk Horn (Mrs M. Turner, Lincolnshire) Sup., N. Beaton & Son; res., Easton and Otley College 

Southdown (Mr J. Long, Worcestershire) Sup., Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer; res., G. & M. Sprake

Texel (Mr R. Campbell, Cumbria) Sup., R. & M. Kellet; res., B. Lockhart & Sons

Coloured Ryeland (Mr A. McVicar, Wales) Sup., J. Hughes; res., P. Jaques

Charollais (Mr A. Thomas, Leicestershire) Sup. & res., G.C. & C. J. Watson

Kerry Hill (Mr J. Rowe, Herefordshire) Sup., A. Fisher; res., J.C. Bostock and Son

Shetland (Mr N. Adam, Wales) Sup. & res., D. King

Beltex (Mr J. Cowan, Scotland) Sup. & res., Beckbred Livestock

Any other primitive breed (Mr T. Davis, London) Sup., B. Pearson (Castlemilk Moorit); res., K. Gibb & S. Coke (Boreray)

Any other down breed (Mrs C. Jakeman, Cheshire) Sup., D. Knowles (Clun Forest); res., J. & A. Pennell (Clun)

Any other longwool breed (Mr G. Hayes) Sup., A. & J. Pennell (Teeswater); res., S. Holdich (Wensleydale)

Any other native breed (Mr N. Turner, Lincolnshire) Sup. & res., N. Whitehead (Lleyn)

Any other continental breed (Mr A. Thomas) Sup. & res., J. McInnes Skinner (Bleu du Maine); res., J. McInnes Skinner (Millennium Blue)

Butchers Lambs (D. Cross, Norfolk) Sup., J. McInnes Skinner; res., W. Abram.

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