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Enthusiasm and orders at G&J Peck Ltd’s open day

Representing three tractor brands along with a range of quality machinery, G&J Peck Ltd’s annual open days are a highlight for many in the dealer’s trading area. David Williams attended this year’s.

From five branches in Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire the dealer represents New Holland – trading as G&J Peck, plus Case IH and JCB trading as Pecks AgriTrac. The business is sole importer for AVR potato and root crop planting, harvesting and storage machinery along with Dezeure specialist trailers which appeal to similar customers.

Other key brands are Amazone and Krone, along with Knight, Larrington Trailers, Claydon Drills, Cousins, Honda ATVs, Teagle, Stocks and Monosem.

Most years the open day is at the dealer’s Spalding, Lincs depot; attracting visitors from across the trading area as was the case this year when the event took place in mid-February. The weather was cold, but dry and sunny and farmers were making the most of opportunities to start on spring land work, but attendance didn’t suffer and dealer and manufacturer teams at the event were busy throughout the day, and especially during the evening.

Added value

Incorporated into this year’s event were Amazone Spreader information days, held in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire, where the latest range of Amazone spreaders was showcased. Pecks Amazone brand manager Wayne Cottam commented, “Customers found our information days helped with the planning of their next spreader purchases and will enable them to gain additional benefit from their current machines,” he explained. “All our events were supported well by Amazone’s technical team.”

G&J Peck New Holland brand director Stewart Barnett reported that he was pleased with this year’s show attendance, which stimulated high numbers of enquiries and sales. He was also pleased with the level of support the company receives from the farming community and would like to thank everyone who attended.

New cab for telehandler

The JCB display area included the latest Loadall telehandler with a new Command Plus cab. Launched only a month previous, the new cab is significantly quieter, offers more space and has a new control layout providing improved visibility, especially down to the front wheels. Pecks AgriTrac JCB brand director Jon Wareing reported that he had received many positive comments from customers about the new Loadall cab. “We have now forward ordered a number of the new machines for stock due to the high levels of interest received, along with several that will be with us shortly and used within a comprehensive demonstration programme.”

Farmer Harry Hurrell is pictured trying out the new cab, assisted by Pecks AgriTrac area sales manager Ken Beard. “There is lots of space, it’s wider and the new steering column design makes it much easier to get in and out,” commented Harry. “I’m especially impressed by the cab-mounted external mirrors as they offer great rear and side visibility but are protected from damage through their mounting position well forward but within the width of the main machine.”

Harry said he was at the open day with members of his farm team especially to see the new Loadall having been advised that a pre-production example would be present. Trading as C Hurrell Ltd the mixed farm is based at Thorney, near Peterborough and Harry said the farm used JCB handlers for many years, but changed brands as cab access was considered an issue. “The new cab is still quite high to get in and out of when we are feeding livestock, but it’s better and the clear floor makes it easier to brush out.

“We are keen to move back to JCB handlers as, although the dealer looking after our current brand is excellent, the machine’s reliability is a constant issue, something that never affected our JCBs in the past.”

Strong demand for mowers and toppers

Teagle area sales representative David Threadgold (pictured) commented that the company’s flail mowers and toppers are in strong demand across Peck’s trading area, with the Dual 285 and TAPS200/250 model being the best selling models. “They are used for verge cutting mainly, but we have seen increased demand for smaller mowers too, which complement the range of New Holland Boomer tractors.”

Sprayer gains new features

A Knight 18-35 self-propelled sprayer was prominently located in the main display area, with new features improving efficiency and ease of use. Fluid Control Pro includes a second display beside the operator station which assists the user during filling. Functions include automatically calculating the volume needed for a remaining spray area, or suggesting optimum volumes per fill for split loads when more than one tank is needed. “These new features improve operating efficiency, helping users get the most out of their machines,” confirmed Brian Knight who is pictured (left) with Peck’s Ed Perry and Knight managing director David Main. “We have had a very busy start to the year,” added David. “We displayed a new self-propelled sprayer with a lower cab providing space for a larger, twin-fold boom above, and also available with features such as the Fluid Control Pro. That has created considerable interest, but all the other models in our sprayer range are also selling well, across all of Peck’s trading area.”

Keen to see latest machinery innovations

Mike Goodliffe and Kat Lowther are pictured with their children Harry, and George (in the pushchair). Mike is the third generation to be involved with the family farming business which trades as AMG Farming Ltd, near Peterborough. The contracting and farming business specialises in contract straw baling and runs Case IH tractors and New Holland balers, all supplied by Pecks. Mike also works for a potato grower using AVR products and was keen to inspect the latest innovations. Mike and Kat have recently taken on their own farm tenancy, and are due to get married on their farm next year.

Remote operation for new elevator

Pictured with the latest AVR Cobra elevator, which replaces the previous CTHV model, are (l-r) sales specialist Shane Johnson, AVR sales manager Tom Lootens and Pecks area sales manager Tom Clark. “The new Cobra has a 19m reach and is capable of automatic layering of the crop into store. Remote operation is provided with communication by wireless signal and control by touch-screen,” explained Shane. “There is an intake elevator available too for increased capacity.”

Balers on display

Pictured with one of the latest Krone balers are (l-r) Krone territory sales manager Eddie Caulfield, Pecks AgriTrac area sales manager James Bumphrey, Krone territory product support manager Gary Pettett and sales support manager Ian Faulds.

Service always very good

Members of the Amazone team were busy throughout the day talking through features and benefits of the product range. Farmer Robert Naylor of JR Taylor & Sons, based at Wood Farm, Uffington is pictured (centre) with Rupert Batho (left) and managing director Simon Brown, and a new Amazone spreader. “We buy a lot of our machinery from Pecks,” explained Robert, “and run an Amazone power harrow as well as a ZA-TS spreader equipped for variable rate applications. The service is always very good and charges tend to be fair. We bought a new New Holland combine last harvest and a JCB Loadall 560-80 a few weeks ago, and we also run a Fastrac 4220. We deal mainly with Jon Wareing, Stuart Barnett and John Northen,” he added.

Simon Brown said demand this spring has been exceptionally high for fertiliser applicators, partly due to the additional increase in cost of liquid fertilisers. “Section control, weigh cells and GPS technology is all becoming fairly standard and we are seeing demand for variable rate applications of K, with P levels remaining fairly constant.”

Drilling solutions for professional growers

Monosem sugar beet drills are in demand, according to Kevin Irlam-Mowbray who was at the open day. “Precision drills for maize planting also continue to sell well, and so far this year we have also supplied machines for leeks, pumpkins, carrots and onions. Users are looking for reliability and precision and our range offers solutions for professional growers.”

High horsepower tractors in demand

Case IH area sales manager David Redman is pictured (left) with Pecks AgriTrac Case-IH brand manager Ed Perry at the event. “A superb start to our year included supplying seven new Quadtracs across our trading area and six new Axial Flow combines from the Spalding and Ely depots,” commented Ed. “High horsepower tractors are in particularly high demand and we have sold more Magnum Rowtracs than any other UK dealer. The market is growing for the versatile Optum which is equally capable of heavy draft work, transport tasks or top work.”

“It’s been a great start to the year for Pecks,” confirmed David. “The team’s efforts to promote the brand have proved successful, resulting in a dramatic increase in business. It’s a great product line-up with superb back-up from the dealer offering exactly what’s needed for efficient modern farming businesses.”

Excellent reliability and after-sales service

Simon Earl farms at Weston Hills, Lincs and trades as F Earl & Son. The all-arable farm has been in the hands of the Earl family since 1820, and the farm has operated New Holland tractors for the past 15 years. The fleet includes a T7-245 which has recently replaced a T7-235 plus another T7 and three T6 models. There is also an older T6080 and a New Holland combine. Cropping includes cereals, potatoes, oilseed rape and sugar beet.

“As our larger tractor, the new T7-245 will do most of the ploughing and subsoiling,” explained Simon. “Since changing to New Holland we have enjoyed excellent reliability and great back-up from the dealer. The depot is close to our base and we get on well with the Spalding team. We have been negotiating upgrading the tractor for a while but an incentive to confirm the order at the open day was a pair of tickets to Goodwood Festival of Speed, so the timing was ideal.”

First tracked combine for Cambs farm

GE Green Ltd is based at Thorney, near Peterborough and cropping at the all-arable farm includes wheat, oilseed rape, barley, peas, beans and potatoes grown mainly on rented land. “Peck’s Ramsey depot is right on our doorstep,” commented Mark Fisher who was at the open day with his son Henry. The farm has operated New Holland combine harvesters for many years and a new CR8-90 is due to replace a CR90-80 model for the coming harvest. With a 9m table it’s a similar specification to the out-going machine, but is the farm’s first combine with tracks and yield mapping. “This will be our fourth CR combine and although we have tried several other brands the New Holland machines offer low grain losses, excellent sample quality and high output. We have a local dealer who is available whenever we need it so it’s ideal for us,” he added.

The farm’s combine wasn’t due for upgrading this year, but Pecks’ New Holland brand director Stewart Barnett suggested the opportunity and came up with an acceptable deal, added Mark.

“With yield mapping and tracks it’s the last piece in our jigsaw. The ownership costs are low enough and this new combine provides us with peace of mind in an unknown future market.”

Quality brand

Chris Holland was at the open day with his father Peter. A new Puma CVX was recently purchased by the all-arable family farm following an open day by the dealer last year at which the Hollands tried the Case IH tractor. “We loved it,” confirmed Chris, “and later visited the factory, then tried the Puma on our own farm, got on very well with it and placed the order. We haven’t yet used it but are looking forward to spring drilling when the CVT transmission will be a big advantage. It’s an ideal size for our general cultivations too and it’s also our first tractor with auto-steer which will improve our working efficiency.”

Chris is pictured trying out the cab of a Farmall tractor for size at the event. “For a smaller tractor the build quality and finish is excellent,” he confirmed. “Matt and his team at Ramsey, our local Pecks depot, are very helpful and we know we will receive great service.”

Benefits of twin-disc spreader technology

Amazone area sales manager Rupert Batho is pictured explaining benefits of the latest twin-disc spreader technology to Lincolnshire farmer Richard Dobson, trading as M&D Dobson Farms. “We have an Amazone spreader currently which has been very good, but with fertiliser costs increasing we are keen to make the use of technology available to ensure we get the best results from it,” said Richard.

Successful first year for trailer franchise

Larrington Trailers are available exclusively through G&J Peck in Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk. Larrington Trailers was a new franchise for the dealer at last year’s open day and a superb first year’s sales of over 40 trailers is credited partly on the dealer having run a fleet of demonstration trailers, including a 20t Majestic beet trailer during the harvesting season which impressed larger farms and contractors.

“It’s been a great first year for us,” commented G&J Peck Ltd managing director Ian Loversidge who is pictured (left) with Larrington Trailers sales manager Simon Baxter. “We have scheduled orders in to the factory’s building programme, and carry stock of new trailers, ensuring  availability when they are needed. Sales so far have been to both new and existing customers, and a result of having sold so many new bulk and box trailers is that we have also had a great year selling used trailers after taking a large number of trade-ins.”

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