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Harvest products updated and efficiency improved

Fendt has confirmed specifications of its green and golden harvest products ahead of Agritechnica

At an event in eastern Germany Fendt has confirmed specifications of its green and golden harvest products ahead of Agritechnica this year and available for 2014. David Williams reports.Fendt has announced and demonstrated new harvest and tractor implement products at an event in eastern Germany.Forage
During 2013 two Katana 65 forage harvesters have been operating in the UK, one demonstrating in the south, the other in the north of the country. Since the Katana was launched in 2012 improvements have been made to improve efficiency and increase output as well as for easier maintenance.Latest models have a shorter discharge chute, decreasing the distance to the trailer and making it better suited to grassland harvesting, although an extension for working with wider headers such as the 10-row maize unit is easily fitted. On the chute, a second light now provides better illumination for night time working. A bolted wear guard extends working life.Maintenance is improved with removable plastic mudguards which can be lifted away from the chassis without the need for any tools, providing better access to the engine and a new lighter plastic Adblue tank, which cannot corrode, makes it easier to open the side panels.The Katana 65 2014 model incorporates updates to increase efficiency and output.Tyre options now include the Michelin CerexBib 800/65R32 front drive tyres for better grip and reduced ground pressure.Three types of header are available, for grassland, maize or wholecrop and a new addition to the range is the Kemper 460 plus, designed for working in extra high crops of maize, up to 4m, and software updates for the 10.4-inch Varioterminal mean three types of header can be selected as standard; GPS header, pickup and a maize header for 10 rows.The terminal now includes day and night operating modes, and the entry version can be equipped with the VarioGuide guidance system starting from spring 2014, and can be retro-fitted to existing machines. Three assignable buttons are fitted as standard but the ‘Enable steering’ and ‘Rotate discharge chute’ buttons can also be freely assigned. A new manoeuvring mode is also provided now, which Fendt said makes operations such as hitching up the header easier as well as preventing damage to the grass sward.High specification features standard on the Katana include what is currently the largest chopping drum in its class at 720mm diameter, a swing-out maize cracker which is moved in and out of work at the touch of a button, ideal for those with a mix of maize and grass to cut. A fuel saving feature is the eco-power mode which allows the engine to operate the chopping cylinder at rated speed with the engine at 1,600rpm in light work but where more grunt is needed the engine is set to develop maximum power at 2,000rpm.Previously rear axle suspension was standard but becomes an option from 2014.Harvest products
Also shown were new Fendt X-Series hybrid and P-Series straw walker combines, and updated square balers. These are not available in the green Fendt finish in the UK, but are available in red, under the Massey Ferguson brand name as the MF Delta and Centora combines and the MF 2200 series balers.Shown at the event in Fendt green, X- and P-Series combines will be available in the UK in Massey Ferguson red, and feature improvements to increase productivity and help the operator. The widest PowerFlow header for use with the X-Series is now 10.7m (35feet).The combines will all meet Tier 4 final emissions regulations for 2014, the six and seven-cylinder Agco Power engines equipped with SCR (Adblue) exhaust gas treatment systems, which the company explains enables maximum performance and economy. Power outputs are up to 379hp for the 8380 P and AL models, 404hp for the 8410 P and AL machines and 496hp for the flagship 9490 X and AL models.A new feature on the straw walker combines for 2014 is the Variotronic armrest and VarioGuide available to replace the previous TopCon 150 system.The Variotronic armrest incudes a multifunction joystick and the 10.4-inch Varioterminal display.The 10.4-inch Varioterminal with its large touchscreen colour display is said to offer maximum convenience for operating and monitoring the combine, including the sieve settings which can be adjusted on-the-move from the cab. The Fendt multi-function joystick, almost identical to that found in other Fendt products, provides all the buttons needed to control the main combine functions while harvesting. Settings for up to three crops can be saved, the operator simply selecting the desired crop, and the combine adjusting itself automatically to suit.The Skyline cab, first seen last year on the C-Series combine is now also fitted to X- and P-Series.
VarioGuide and VarioDoc are optional; VarioGuide helping maximise productivity and efficiency by providing accurate steering and VarioDoc logging information such as harvested area, fuel consumption and working time which is transferred to the field database via Bluetooth or mobile network. Linked with a GPS signal and data from yield logging it provides the opportunity to create yield maps with the field database.Fendt X- and P-Series combines are all pre-wired for the Agcommand telemetry system as standard allowing the intelligent fleet management system to be installed and put into operation at any time.Improvements to the PowerFlow table range, which uses chain-driven belts to transport cut material from the knife to the feed auger, includes working widths up to 10.7m (35ft) for the X-Series and 9.2m (30ft) for the P-Series models. Previously the maximum width on both models was 9.2m. The intake auger is now a massive 762mm diameter on the largest header, which Fendt said makes it the biggest on the market, and the company explained that this means it will harvest long-stemmed oilseed rape without the need for an additional rape auger.Various unloading auger lengths are available, to match the table width and to avoid accompanying tractors and trailers having to drive along the swaths, and unloading is achieved at up to 120 litres per second.A new two-speed auger-propelled returns system is fitted.Grain separation is improved with a new auger-fed secondary separator. Rather than feed returns back to the main threshing cylinder unthreshed material is delivered to an independent re-threshing system, which the company said means the full performance of the main separator is always available for freshly harvested material.
Larger grain tanks are fitted, and both Standard and AutoLevel models are available with a number of tyre options, including 710/75R34 which keeps the overall width under 3.5m. Tracks are a further option; 660mm (26-inch) the usual fitment keeping overall width below 3.5m but wider 36-inch tracks are also available.  Square balers
The Fendt range of square balers includes six models; the 870, 990, 1270, 1290, 1290 XD and 12130.
A packer cutter variant (‘R’) now joins the ‘S’ cutter and ‘N’ packer models on 870 and 990 machines. A combination of cutter and packer, the normal packer has been modified, the packer fingers now divided down the middle. The knife, located on the packer floor, fits through this space and the packer cuts the crop on the knives and conveys it to the pre-compression chamber and, as on the cutter version, the knives can be moved in or out.Improvements to the large square baler range were announced. Pictured is the 1290 XD which has a longer bale chamber and more powerful hydraulic ram to provide extra density, up to 20 per cent.Updates for the high density 1290XD, and the 12130 include a 40cm longer baling chamber to help increase density by up to 20 per cent. A stronger cross-beam and more powerful hydraulic cylinder are fitted to increase and cope with the extra pressure. The transmission and flywheel are strengthened.
The C1000 baler monitor is included in standard equipment and enables the processing and logging of customer data, automatic or manual density control management and bale length adjusted from the cab. It also provides the image from the baler’s camera, when fitted. All Fendt square balers are Isobus compatible and can be operated from the 10.4-inch Varioterminal in the tractor cab.Options include a hydraulic support leg for easier unhitching, a camera (pre-wiring is provided standard on the machine), a steerable tandem axle with tyres up to 620/40-22.5 now available and automatic chain lubrication which can be set up using the C1000 control to apply lubricant as frequently as desired. Added convenience and productivity for loader work
The CargoProfi front loader, first demonstrated to Farmers Guide in pre-production form during 2012 is available for 2014 and incorporates features which improve the ease of operation, in response to demand from users.The CargoProfi loader was developed to work with the modern control systems (inset) provided in the latest model tractors. Prices quoted at the launch were from 13,780-16,809 euros depending on tractor model and specification.Fendt explained that sales of loaders for use with larger tractors, over 100hp, are increasing, users preferring the added flexibility offered in comparison to wheeled loaders and telehandlers. With the availability of more capable control systems, such as those on the Fendt 500- and 700-Series tractors, it has been possible to introduce extra features which improve timeliness, accuracy and reduce driver fatigue, and the CargoProfi loader was developed as a result. All functions are controlled through the tractor’s Varioterminal, so there is no need for an additional screen.Memory functions are incorporated, ideal for tasks such as bale handling where bales are repeatedly lifted to or from a constant height. Weigh functions are now included, allowing individual loads to be weighed, or totals handled to be calculated, a great help for filling drills or spreaders for a particular area, or for mixing feed ingredients.Those working in confined spaces such as low buildings will find the working range limit function reassuring. This enables the user to limit the travel available so that the loader isn’t lifted, or lowered, past a pre-set point.A shake function allows the operator to stabilise full buckets of loose material, before transporting by loader, or to completely empty buckets of sticky materials such as mud or muck.Comfort and stability are improved by a speed-dependent damping system which provides damping automatically as soon as a pre-set speed is reached. End position damping adjusts the rate of deceleration of the loader arms as they reach their travel end position, to reduce shock back through to the tractor, and operator.”The Fendt 500 and 700 Series tractors have been designed for all-round farm tasks from arable to livestock and mixed farms, and the curved windscreen which provides superb visibility, particularly for high-level loader work has made them a very attractive option for farmers,” explained Fendt UK advertising and sales promotion manager Andrew Rawson. “Making use of the technology available to improve efficiency, comfort and output is a concept which will appeal to professional users.”

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