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Round bale feeder ‘cuts cost and feed bills’

Wastage in feed bills is something that any livestock farmer would prefer to avoid, or at least reduce. This new bale feeder claims to do exactly that.

A new round bale feeder from Wessex International can be mounted to both tractors or telehandlers, allowing farmers to feed from either side. The BFX-180 has been designed to meet demand and is ideal for livestock farmers who need a versatile machine that feeds out silage, hay, haylage or chopped material.

The company says this adaptable machine reduces time and manual labour, with a saving of up to 20 per cent on feed bills due to reduced waste. What’s more, it is simple to use, with three easy stages to prepare for feeding – spiking the bale and, with the wrap removed, lowering it onto the cradle and auto-engaging the headstock ready to lift and complete. There are no electrics involved, making maintenance easy, and the bale feeder comes with three-point linkage as standard. It’s ideally suited to use with smaller loaders for agile yard work and optional loader brackets are
also available.

Speed of operation is what this bale feeder is all about, according to Wessex. The convenience of feeding out from both sides is complemented by another key feature – the detachable loading headstock with ‘Quiklatch’ system, which enables fast and easy reloading without the need to unplug hydraulics.

The BFX-180 can handle round bales of up to 1.2 x 1.2m, or 1.8 x 1.5m, with a weight of up to 1,000kg. Close inspection of the machine reveals a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) feeder floor, for zero corrosion and minimal material leakage. This is ideal for crumbly or wet bales and the 5,500kg load-rated roller chains and strong chain bars make it perfectly suited for use with heavy silage bales, Wessex explains. Meanwhile, there are only two grease points for low maintenance and high strength bolt-on bale spikes easily deal with tight bales.

Optional extras on the new machine include front and rear chamber plates to let you handle loose feed, such as root crops, without leakage. The optional offset tractor linkage allows the operator to drop the feed outside the width of the tractor, making it easier to feed close to walls or into troughs. There is also the option of offset loader brackets, to prevent feed being driven over. Now for the technical bit – the unit weighs in at 525kg, hydraulics requirement is one double-acting spool, and oil flow is at 12 litres/min, CAT 2.

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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