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Focus on World Mental Health Day

On World Mental Health Day this year Farmers Guide is focusing on the work of charity, The Farming Community Network (FCN).

World mental health day - FCN

FCN is a well-established charity within the farming community, and on today’s World Mental Health Day Farmers Guide is shining a light on the resources, help and assistance the charity can offer – for those times your mental health perhaps feels a bit foggy.

Alex Phillimore, marketing and communications manager with FCN, said: “World Mental Health Day is a timely reminder of the importance of making sure we are looking after our own mental health and wellbeing, as well as supporting those around us. Too often farming can feel isolated and it can be difficult at times to remember that you’re part of a wider agricultural community that cares about you and understands the pressures you might be facing.

“The Farming Community Network’s volunteers understand farming life and many are from farming backgrounds themselves. We are here to support everyone across agriculture, no matter the issue you might be facing. Finding the courage to speak about your worries and concerns, whether with the people around you or charities such as FCN, is a sign of great strength. We’re here to support you, listen and do our best to help you through difficult times.”

FCN FarmWell website offers resources to support positive mental health and wellbeing – ‘Information, Support, Resilience’.

In FCN’s short film (below), two farmers openly discuss their experiences of mental ill-health and how seeking support helped them.

As part of the film – titled ‘Farming and Better Mental Health’ and directed by Berno Vierbergen – former dairy and sheep farmer and FCN volunteer Nick Viney talks candidly to farmer Trevor Cligg from Pipplepen Farm in Dorset about their experiences of mental ill-health and the support they received.

FCN, a charity and voluntary organisation with volunteers in England and Wales, operates the Farming Help helpline in England 03000 111 999 or email help@fcn.org.uk. People in Scotland should contact RSABI’s helpline on 0300 111 4166.

The charity is growing and evolving to suit farmers’ needs, and will no doubt have more news coming soon. Do check out the information they have and reach out to them if you feel their help and support will help you.

You are not alone.

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