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Grassland line-up features new models and additional features

Pottinger used a late June European press launch to announce new products for every link in the harvesting chain: from mowing, tedding and raking to loading. David Williams reports.

High-tech mower combination

The new Novacat V 10000 mower combination uses intelligent technology to achieve high output combined with best possible ground tracking and optimum reliability. It is available with a headstock for 3.0 or 3.5m front mowers, making working widths of up to 9.62 and
10.02m possible.

Hydraulic cylinders within the booms shift the cutter bar up to 370mm on each side. This ensures optimum overlap for perfect mowing on slopes and when cornering. An optional upgrade allows the ground pressure to automatically adjust to suit the working width, reducing fuel consumption and wear, and ensuring best possible forage quality.

Control options

Control is available from the tractor terminal using an Isobus cable, or from the standard Select Control terminal.

Using Select Control, all the functions are pre-selected and then performed using the tractor’s remote valves, and only one double-acting hydraulic connection is required.

Individual mower lifting is possible, and the hydraulics are also used to fold the optional side guard, adjust the working width, and operate the transport interlock. The control terminal keeps track of hours worked and recommends when servicing is due.

Using the tractor’s Isobus system or an external Isobus terminal, all settings and controls are direct from the terminal screen, and a number of automatic programme sequences
can be stored and activated.

Section control activation through Task Controller Section Control-certified Isobus systems allows individual lifting and lowering
of each mower at the headlands, based on the GPS location.

An optional automatic inclination system is new, providing compensation for side slip on slopes to ensure no grass is missed – even if the combination drifts sideways.

10-rotor tedder

With a 10.7m working width and ten 1.42m diameter rotors, the HIT V 11100 combines excellent tedding quality with high output. Mounted on the tractor rear linkage, the compact design ensures maximum stability in the field and for transport. Like other Pottinger tedders it features a pivoting headstock. Two hydraulic centering cylinders ensure accurate tracking and prevent swaying. The cylinders also have a preload function that avoids any tendency for the machine to run ahead when travelling downhill.

During lifting, the linkage design means that the rotors tilt back – avoiding ground contact and forage contamination.

The new tedder features Pottinger’s Dynatech rotors with six swept tine arms that pick up the forage cleanly and deliver an even spread. Accurate ground following is ensured
by the Multitast jockey wheel which mounts on the pivoting headstock and tracks the ground
in front of the tines.

Centre-swath rake

The TOP 882 C is an addition to Pottinger’s centre-swath rake line-up and has an adjustable working width of 7.70–8.80m. A longer boom allows very flexible swath width adjustment between 1.30–2.60m, making it capable of creating wider swaths for forage harvesters and narrower swath widths for smaller loader wagons and balers. Despite the impressive rotor diameter of 3.70m, the transport height without removing the tine arms remains below 4.00m.

Belt merger

The new Mergento VT 9220 belt-type merger offers working widths up to 9.20m for a central swath and 8.70m for a side swath, and it is designed to gently handle fragile crops including alfalfa, lucerne and clover, and general forage crops from permanent grassland to straw. The forage is lifted from the ground by a pick-up, then without further ground contact and contamination; cross conveyor belts transport the crop to the swath.

Forage and loader wagon updates

A new chop system for the Jumbo 8000 wagon allows forage chopping almost 30% shorter than before for even higher forage quality without compromising loading performance.

Contactless, electronic steered axles are new for Jumbo loader wagons – significantly improving operator and driving comfort, as well as the reliability of the steering system.


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