Highest HEAR prices for a decade

With opportunities to earn over £500/t at harvest 2022, HEAR oilseed rape prices haven’t been this high for many years, according to Premium Crops’ commercial director, Chris Spedding.

A strong baseline price for ‘00’ oilseed rape is the underlying cause, boosted by HEAR premiums of up to £115/mt.

Growing HEAR is just the same as growing conventional oilseed rape, with the same agronomy, the same yield potential and the same range of contract options. The difference is that HEAR offers a significant premium over the ‘00’ commodity price.

While the ‘00’ oilseed rape acreage has declined in recent years, due in the main to cabbage stem flea beetle, those growers who have stuck with the crop, and those who are returning this autumn, have an ideal opportunity to ‘lock in’ these high prices right from the start by choosing a HEAR contract.

Unlike many seed suppliers or grain traders, by supplying and buying back your crop, Premium Crops has a vested interest in seeing its HEAR growers succeed. To that end, all of its HEAR contracts are backed by a full agronomic support package, with regular updates and two company agronomists on hand to provide specific advice.

To provide an even greater insight into how all of their key added value crops perform, Premium Crops has also established a number of Monitor Farms which can be found online by visiting www.premiumcrops.com and choosing ‘Monitor Farms’ from the menu.

Premium Crops has also recently joined the Oilseed YEN (Yield Evaluation Network) hosted by RSK ADAS Ltd. The YEN connects agricultural organisations and farmers who are striving to improve crop performance and networks are open to any interested individual or organisation – commercial, academic or other. Until recently, the Oilseed YEN was concentrated on ‘00’ oilseed rape and, with Premium Crops sponsorship, the network has expanded to include linseed and HEAR.

As a special offer for harvest 2022, Premium Crops is offering at least a 50 per cent discount for YEN membership to any farmers growing HEAR or linseed under one of its buy-back contracts. To discover more about the Oilseeds YEN and what it can offer to growers, visit https://yen.adas.co.uk/ and search for the Oilseeds YEN in the Network menu.

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