In an age of robotic farming, nothing replaces human expertise when it comes to good grain care

Martin Cobbald from pest control experts Dealey Environmental, shares his thoughts on hot spots in his monthly video for Farmers Guide.

In an age of robots, AI and even Blockchain making moves on the agricultural market, we believe that there is not yet a decent replacement for boots in the grain when it comes to checking stores. There have been some advances with automated store cooling but these are rife with problems.

As a fumigation company, we see the end result of bad storage every day. It’s heating, insects, fungal growth and germination. Checking stores regularly is a must. We often fumigate stores for insects that have the very latest in grain store monitoring technology, the problem is that the new technology leads people into a false sense of security that their grain is being cared for.

Nothing replaces getting onto the heap and checking for problem areas in the store. Especially for hotspots which can be very localised and sometimes appear to come out of nowhere. In this video, Martin talks about how hotspots are formed and why.

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