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Latest software brings new level of control to farmers

Taking control of your natural capital has just become a lot easier with the release of Sandy version 2.0, according to Trinity AgTech.


The digital assistant from Trinity AgTech, launched in June, now integrates even more closely with your business and helps you assess what you do, ensuring you can access new income streams in farming.

Sandy is already recognised across the industry as the leading authoritative and independent software for all who manage the land, the company says. It calculates, evaluates and reports carbon, biodiversity and water stewardship metrics. This helps you assess your natural capital assets and plan your journey for leaving the land in a better state than you found it.

Sandy version 2.0 includes improvements to make it easier to bring your business on board, and to get started on the journey. Sandy’s engineering team has worked closely with the Trinity Pioneers, those farmers already using the software, to ensure it’s intuitive and that being in control of your natural capital is effortless.

“As farmers, you know best how to manage your natural capital assets – till the soils, tend the livestock and enrich the wildlife habitats in your care,” notes Trinity AgTech senior managing director Richard Williamson.

“Sandy’s there to capture that skill, digitise your achievements and give you the recognition you deserve. It’s important that a digital assistant works hand-in-hand with any farmer, whatever size and enterprise mix of your business, however you choose to run it. Sandy version 2.0 provides a significant step-up in the assistance you’re provided in evaluating where you are and achieving your objectives. It supports you in being at the forefront of technological developments in farming and accessing exciting new income streams.”

New features include more intuitive and easier on-boarding, enhanced road-map development and optimisation. At every step and in every section, Sandy updates users on their progress, whether that’s in capturing information on their carbon footprint, assessing biodiversity or monitoring the water that passes through the land. Self-learning features have been introduced, co-designed with Trinity Pioneers, to help users through the journey and make the most of Sandy’s powerful software engine.

“Unique with Sandy are its artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML) capabilities,” notes managing director of products Sepi Honarmand. “We have developed a best-in-class platform called Cayley. This ensures the more you use Sandy, the more it learns about your business and adapts to your individual needs – a bit like on-the-job training you have for the rest of your farm staff. It means you can make the most of Sandy’s remarkable ability to devour data and apply this to meet the challenges your business faces,” she explains.

Sandy allows access to vast datasets on aspects such as climate, soils and commodity markets. It aligns the data it draws with unique features of your farm and the priorities you have for the business. This is how Sandy puts users fully in control, not only of their own natural capital, but of how it can be leveraged to generate carbon credits, biodiversity and water protection co-benefits, and biodiversity tokens as these markets develop.

“These are markets with exciting prospects for farmers and land managers,” adds Richard. “But they operate in the digital space, and only those businesses that are connected and digitally enabled will be able to access the rewards available.”

Trinity’s seven steps to natural capital rewards include demo videos and other tools to help you get your business digitally enabled and guide you on this journey. For more, go to trinityagtech.com/credits-tokens

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