Launch of powerful cordless long-reach hedge trimmer

STIHL has launched the new HLA 135, the most robust and powerful cordless long-reach hedge trimmer in its offering, ideal for commercial applications and trimming and pruning back large hedgerows, especially in noise-sensitive environments.


Weighing just 5.6kg (without battery), the STIHL HLA 135 hedge trimmer is 249cm in length and features 600mm double-sided, double-edged universal blades that can cut through 16-18mm branches. The cutter bar can be rotated through 145º via the lightweight magnesium gearbox to enable overhead, side and ground-level cutting.

A new, more comfortable control handle boasts three-speed pre-selection levels through an LED display, enabling operators to alter their working speed to the necessary conditions, whilst optimising battery-working time. The maximum stroke rate is an impressive 4,000rpm, perfect for leaving a smooth finish on conifers.

Other features include a soft loop handle and grip shaft, RTS harness eyelet and mesh air filter. When used in conjunction with STIHL’s AP 200 battery system, the HLA 135 hedge trimmer has a run time of up to 64 minutes.

With STIHL hedge trimmers and long-reach hedge trimmers, work in farm gardens and yards is made easier. STIHL’s equipment has been designed for the best and most comfortable cutting performance. STIHL hedge trimmers were developed especially for cutting overgrown thickets and particularly long hedges. Wherever height is needed, this equipment will make it easier.

Not a replacement for the larger more heavy-duty hedge cutting machinery or mowers, more to complement these machines for lighter trimming work around the farm.

For more information on the STIHL HLA 135 and its extensive range of cordless long-reach hedge trimmers, please visit

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