LG Oilseed Rape Virtual Trial Tour

Join Limagrain UK on the 5th May to explore the latest on-farm issues facing OSR growers.

Limagrain UK are pleased to invite you to the LG Oilseed Rape Virtual Trial Tour, showcasing our expertise in OSR breeding and what this brings to growers. Our in-house experts will take you through the market leading traits that our varieties have been stacked with, coming from a long line of continuous flow in innovation.

These valuable traits all offer agronomic benefits on-farm, so finding a variety that has the right characteristics to secure yield in your situation, is key. We will take a look at:

Pod Shatter resistance- to help protect against untimely seed losses around harvest caused by weather or combine passing through the crop.

TuYV resistance to protect against the symptoms of Turnip Yellows Virus (TuYV): a virus transmitted by aphids which can cause up to 30% yield drop and 3% loss of oils.

RLM7 is gene-specific resistance to Phoma stem canker and is included in combination with quantitative resistance in all our fully loaded hybrids.

N-FLEX allowing a crop to utilise available nitrogen more efficiently, enabling a variety to reach its genetic yield potential even in sub-optimal nitrogen situations.

We’ll explore redefining vigour and clarify it for farmers. Vigour scores are a common selling point for a variety, but we drill down in to how this data can put you, as a grower, in a more informed position to manage your own crop.

You will be able to take part in a live Q&A with our experts – William Charlton, Limagrain’s Arable Marketing Manager, Liam Wilkinson, Limagrain’s Arable Technical Officer and Ron Granger, Limagrain’s Arable Technical Manager.

There will be information and video tours available on our expansive range of both hybrid and conventional varieties, including:

Ambassador – the joint highest yielding variety on the 2021/22 Recommended list and the outright highest yielding variety in the east/ west region. Ambassador is a fully loaded hybrid and with proven performance both in trial and on farm – Ambassador is the variety to beat in terms of oilseed rape performance.

LG Aviron – Limagrain’s newest fully loaded hybrid to receive full UK recommendation, joining the AHDB Recommended list as joint highest yielding variety. LG Aviron has shown its robustness and consistency throughout testing and has proven its high yield potential across all regions and seasons. It is a very vigorous hybrid and can establish well in challenging seedbeds.

LG Antigua – a fully loaded hybrid with extremely high yield potential. LG Antigua offers a comprehensive agronomic traits package: combining TuYV, pod shatter and good disease resistance. LG Antigua has excellent plant vigour characteristics in both the autumn and spring and offers the earliest maturity available on the Recommended list, which can be a valuable trait on farm.

Aurelia – a very high yielding hybrid offering excellent yields across all regions of the UK. It is the top yielding variety in the Northern region. Aurelia is a fully loaded hybrid combining genetic TuYV, Pod Shatter and RLM7 phoma resistance. Aurelia also offers the highest Light Leaf Spot rating available on the Recommended list.

Acacia – the highest yielding conventional variety available on the AHDB Recommended List. It is now in its second year of recommendation and has proven its worth with great on farm and trial performance. With key agronomic characteristics of strong autumn and spring vigour, solid disease resistance and short, stiff straw, combined with a high oil content, it is a fantastic all-round conventional variety.

Aspire – the only recommended conventional variety with crucial TuYV resistance. Aspire is a short robust plant type with very good straw characteristics. A solid disease and TuYV resistance mean Aspire fits the early drilling option perfectly with its slower speed of development.

There will be an opportunity to take a look at some of the new AHDB Candidate varieties from Limagrain, including the first combined Clubroot and TuYV resistant variety.

Join us for an interactive 45-minute session at 8:15am on the 5th May 2021.

Pre-register for this event and you’ll receive a free Oilseed Rape promotional pack from LG.

BASIS and NRoSO points will be available.

For further information and to pre-register, visit www.lgseeds.co.uk/osrvtt

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