Jeremy Clarkson speaks out after cow was hit twice by police car

Jeremy Clarkson spoke out following the horrific incident when a cow was injured by a police car in Staines-upon-Thames. 

Jeremy Clarkson spoke out following incident when a cow was injured by a Surrey Police car in Staines-upon-Thames. 
Photos by Ravinder Singh/X and Amazon Prime.

A video that has been circulating online shows a Surrey Police officer hitting an escaped 10-month calf that was walking through the streets of Feltham in west London on Friday evening, 14th June. 

Surrey Police issued a statement stating that the officers were “extremely concerned” about the public’s safety, and had been trying to capture the cow “over a period of a number of hours”.  

The force added that after these actions were unsuccessful, and the decision was made to “stop it using a police car”.  

Deputy chief constable Nev Kemp confirmed that the animal sustained a large cut to one leg as well as cuts and grazes. 

The breeding heifer called Beau Lucy is now back with her owner and recuperating with her herd. She continues to be monitored by a vet. 

Warning: This video contains images and language that some people may find distressing.

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Clarkson’s response 

The owner of the 10-month-old calf said the social media footage of the incident was “painful viewing and it should have been handled in a different manner”.

Farmer and celebrity, Jeremy Clarkson, also commented on the incident on his social media and referred to the general election that will take place on 4th July.  

He wrote on X: “I will vote for any party which stops the police from running over cows.” 

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Full and urgent explanation needed 

Home secretary James Cleverly has demanded a “full’ and urgent” explanation over the incident. 

He added: “I can think of no reasonable need for this action. I’ve asked for a full, urgent explanation for this. It appears to be unnecessarily heavy-handed.” 

Surrey Police confirmed that the police car driver has been removed from frontline duties.

They also said that the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has been notified and a voluntary referral will be made in due course following the incident. 

An RSPCA spokesperson said the police response, which saw the animal hit twice by a police car, “appears disproportionate”. 

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