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Longer-lasting slug pellets for better crop protection

Independent trials have shown that ADAMA’s ferric phosphate-based slug pellets, Gusto IRON, remain mould-free, durable, and visible for longer thanks to the way they are manufactured.

Gusto IRON slug pellets contain 2.94% ferric phosphate and have been developed using the same Desidro manufacturing technology that made Gusto 3 metaldehyde pellets the market leader: this two-stage process dries the wet-extruded pellets from the inside before gently drying the exterior. This ensures an ideal balance between persistence and palatability, with Gusto IRON pellets proving hard enough to ensure good weather resistance and remaining palatable for several weeks after application.

Independent trials compared Gusto IRON with other wet-processed slug pellets and a dry-processed product: the trial was conducted on high organic matter soil with rainfall simulated at 10mm per day for the first 10 days to replicate a typical period of wet UK weather.

A visual comparison of the slug pellets at zero, four, seven, 10 and 14 days shows that Gusto IRON pellets retain their original appearance and integrity for longer whilst also remaining mould-free for the duration of the trial.

Independent trials have shown that Gusto IRON slug pellets remain intact, mould-free and visible for longer.

Visible for longer

The trial indicated that Gusto IRON pellets retain their bold blue colour for longer, thereby ensuring they remain easily visible, even after two weeks post-application. This not only makes it easier to check application accuracy and baiting point density, but also gives growers a clear cue to check if the application of more pellets is required and justified.

Gusto IRON slug pellets retain their bold blue colour for longer.

Mould-free and durable for longer

The trial also showed that Gusto IRON pellets retain their shape and remain mould-free for longer, even when subjected to heavy and persistent rainfall.

Due to the way dry-processed pellets are manufactured they absorbed moisture almost immediately, causing them to swell up and break apart by 14 days. They also started to show signs of fungal infection within as little as four days, a clear indication that they will be less palatable and therefore less effective at controlling slug populations after just a few days.

The market-leading and alternative ferric products, both of which are wet-processed, fared better than the dry-processed pellets, but both still showed signs of discoloration and mould formation at four to seven days post-application.

In comparison, the added durability of Gusto IRON ensured these pellets retained their colour and shape, and remained mould-free for longer, with the pellet still easily visible at 14 days.

Gusto IRON pellets therefore enable growers to control slug populations for longer without the need to reapply as often, even in extended periods of wet weather.

Gusto IRON pellets provide long-lasting slug control even in persistently wet conditions.

Excellent ballistics and crop safety

Gusto IRON pellets are approved for use in all cereals, oilseed rape, potatoes and a wide range of horticultural crops. The Desidro manufacturing process also ensures Gusto IRON pellets have excellent ballistic characteristics for an accurate spreading pattern and baiting point density when applied across a range of working widths.

For more information about Gusto IRON please visit HERE.

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