Manufacturer expands range for grassland farmers

Weaving Machinery has expanded its Samasz range of grassland equipment, combining robust and innovative design with affordable prices to meet the needs of UK farmers, whatever the size of their business.

“We understand that most farmers want a machine that’s simple and  affordable, but robust and reliable,” says Carl Humphries of Weaving Machinery. “Everything in the expanded Samasz range stays true to the same quality and reliability standards our customers are used to, backed by excellent support and a two-year warranty.”

Core to the Samasz line is Weaving’s range of mowers. The two drum mowers feature cutting widths of up to 7ft, with mechanical (or, as an option, hydraulic) folding for ease of transport. Each machine is fitted with safety guards, adjustable cutting heights, and a 4-belt drive. All models come equipped with heavy-duty reversible overlapping knives to ensure a clean cut and consistent performance.

“Our drum mowers are straightforward and affordable,” says Mr Humphries. “Even on rough ground, the big drum beneath lets you float over any contours.” The Samba farmer disc mower is designed for smaller farms and is able to more accurately follow the contours of the ground. The durable design can handle heavy workloads, with overlapping blades that are quick and easy to replace. Two different models are available, with six or seven discs to suit farms of different sizes.

The KDF and KDTC range is for larger farms or contractors. “The KDF is a front mower, with a suspension frame system that gives
it exceptional contour following. The KDTC comes with a ‘Perfect’ cutting bar and hydraulic safety break device to protect against damage from obstacles.” Different sizes are available with optional conditioners – which speed up the drying process – and hydraulic suspension.

The Megacut, a combination of two rear mowers and one at the front, lives up to its name, able to offer large outputs of high-volume cutting for contractors and bigger farms. Each mower works “exceptionally well in heavy crops without the hassle of blockages,” Mr Humphries says.

Multiple tools within the Samasz range aid consistency in grassland farming, handling the crop gently to optimise quality and maximise efficiency and ease of use:

• The Samasz Rake has a single rotor and moves the crop carefully without twisting or matting the crop for tidy rows.

• The Samasz Tedder enables greater air flow into the drying crop, with overlapped rotors for a consistent spread and comes with hydraulic folding.

• The Samasz Twist (6m) saves time and operating costs, allowing farmers to combine the front- mounted hydraulically-powered rake with balers or pick-up trailers. Low energy, kind on grass and simple to set up, it delivers clean fodder in one operation.

Mr Humphries reckons the range has something for every grassland farmer, with the common thread being “exceptional design and quality at an affordable price”, treating crops kindly whilst increasing efficiency. Machines are in stock ready to be delivered across the UK with ongoing support.

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