Onduline launches animal friendly ‘quiet’ roofing system for farm buildings

Onduline has launched a new durable roofing system, DURO SX 35, with advanced noise dampening qualities that make it ideal for auxiliary farm buildings, including those housing livestock.

The modern looking mechanically strong bituminous panels are a solid 3.5mms thick, yet lightweight and maintenance free with an extended 20-year guarantee.

Perfectly waterproof, DURO SX 35 has a trapeze profile with 38mm corrugations that aid ventilation, and is resistant to even extreme corrosive agents, also to strong blasts of wind.

Technical Sales Director Greg Hissey said: “As well as requiring protection from the elements, livestock can be badly unsettled by the loud noise of driving rain and hail pounding on the roof. With today’s increasingly unpredictable extremes of weather, that’s an important consideration.

“DURO SX 35 has been specially developed to deliver higher levels of sound absorption. This gives the animals a greater degree of acoustic comfort, particularly when compared to a metal alternative.”

Easy to transport, handle and install, the 200cm x 82cm panels weigh 3.66kg/m² and can be adapted to many different types of structure, whether that is for renovation projects or new buildings.

Installation is fast and intuitive. It is also easy to cut, shape and fix with just standard tooling.

DURO SX 35 carries the aesthetical look of a metal sheet and is available in a range of stylish colours that will not fade, thanks to advanced coatings technology that gives optimal colour stability.

Onduline has been manufacturing eco-friendly bituminous corrugated roofing products for more than 70 years and is an ideal partner for the farming sector.

Alongside their many other advantages, Onduline roofing sheets are popular for their thermal insulation qualities and also sit harmoniously in a rural landscape.

The sheets are made of 50% to 60% recycled cellulose fibres, contain no asbestos and do not release any hazardous substances. Independent testing in laboratories has shown they are completely safe for animals and humans.

Greg added: “We believe our new DURO SX 35 sound dampening roofing system is something to shout about. We are confident it will make a noise with the farming community but all will be quiet in the cattle shed.”

For more information on Onduline’s lightweight, eco-friendly and durable roofing solutions please visit www.onduline.co.uk.

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