Opportunities to set up a distillery or microbrewery

If you are looking to start a new diversification project, Brew-School owner Chris Horne says farmers have a built-in advantage when it comes to brewing and distilling businesses.

Brew-School in Bakewell has been running brewing and distilling courses for over seven years; and acknowledges that farmers have a big head-start in the race to setting up a successful brewing or distillery business.

Chris Horne, owner and director of Brew-School, maintains that farmers have a number of the essential qualities which can contribute to the start-up of a successful brewing or distilling business.

For example:

  • Many farms have redundant commercial buildings that can make an ideal home for a brewery, particularly as many of them have ample eaves height to facilitate the accommodation of tall brewing vessels or distilling columns
  • Farmers are comfortable in dealing with machinery and food grade equipment used in both brewing and distilling
  • Agricultural farms can add massively to the end value of their crop produce through the brewing and distilling process of grain and cereals
  • Breweries and distilleries can turn a farm into a popular visitor destination or add to existing visitor attractions, by bringing in customers to the farm through a tap room/shop or visitor centre
  • Farmers start with a good understanding of the food supply business, which is an essential part of operating a commercial brewery or distillery.

Mr Horne comments: “Over the years we have met many farmers or owners of farms that have successfully branched out into brewing or distilling as part of their farm diversification plans.”

Previous customers include: Blonde Brothers Brewery, Aldwark Artisan Ales, Tipple Mill Distillery.

Brew-School assumes no previous brewing or distilling knowledge but says its courses can up-skill you in a very short time, as well as introducing you to a whole host of industry experts who enable you to formulate your business plan and put it into practice.

It offers a variety of start-up brewing, distilling, cider making and winemaking courses for new entrants into these industries.

For more information visit: http://www.brew-school.com 


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