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Perfect fit for grassland operations

The Valtra G125 Active is part of a mixed tractor fleet operated by C & R Rowland – based at Goosey, near Farringdon. Chris Milligan runs the business with his father-in-law Robert Rowland and Robert’s brother Colin, and contracting services offered by the team include ploughing, cultivations, spray and fertiliser applications, drilling, and manure spreading. Grassland maintenance is a speciality, and hay and straw bales are made and sold.

The Valtra G125 Active is favoured for grassland operations by Oxfordshire-based agricultural contractor, C & R Rowland. Business partner and main operator Chris Milligan says the G125 and the Joskin harrow form an ideal package for grassland rejuvenation.

The right machine

Before buying the new G125, several other makes and models of tractor were considered. A Valtra N174 was borrowed from the local dealer, Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd. Chris was impressed by the comfort and performance, but it was bigger than he needed. The G125 had recently arrived into stock and the dealer’s area sales representative, Rob Jenkins, suggested a trial. The tractor’s size, power and weight were considered ideal, the manoeuvrability was excellent, and the cab shared many of the best design features of the N-series. A deal was agreed, and the tractor arrived on the farm in spring 2021.

Oxfordshire-based agricultural contractor Chris Milligan with his Valtra G125 Active which was one of the first G-series models supplied in the UK last year.

Versatile package

During the grass harvest, the G125 operates a six-rotor tedder and a twin-rotor rake, and it also loads bale trailers in the field. “We selected the large G5 front loader for extra reach and it stacks bales four high on our trailers,” explained Chris. “We load 70×80 four-string bales using a flat-eight grab lifting three at a time, and where our previous tractor struggled the Valtra lifts them easily. The panoramic cab roof is fantastic and allows a clear view of loader attachments from the ground to maximum height.”

Light footprint

The G125 also operates a large bat-wing topper, and an offset mower. A Joskin Scariflex grass harrow with a mounted seeder is used for grassland rejuvenation. “The Joskin harrow is effective but heavy, and when the front loader isn’t fitted then we mount a ballast weight on the front linkage instead,” Chris continued. “The Valtra and harrow make an ideal combination. The tight steering angle allows pass-to-pass working which reduces time at the field ends, and the light footprint means there is very little damage from the wheels.”

The G125 performs as well on the road as in the field. “The transmission is smooth and easy to use, and all the controls are just where I would want them. It’s comfortable and quiet, and I enjoy using it.”

The G125 Active was purchased last year. It proved so popular with its operators that a T254 Versu has also joined the fleet. Chris Milligan with the T254 Versu (left) and the G125 Active with the G5 front loader.

Additional Valtra

Growing demand for the company’s services means an additional tractor will soon be needed. “After buying the G125 last year we also purchased a T254 Versu. Both have impressed us with their performance and comfort, and back-up from the Chandlers team has been excellent.

“We need the right machines for our growing business and our positive experience of Valtra so far means that adding an N-series tractor seems the likely option,” he concluded.

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