Product news: Boosting essential trace minerals

How treating with Multimin pre-calving could benefit your herd and your business.

Multimin is a unique combined trace mineral injection for cattle, containing copper, selenium, manganese and zinc. It is designed to supply trace minerals to correct clinical, or subclinical deficiencies of these four trace minerals, which can arise during critical phases of the production and breeding life cycle.

Multimin is administered by injection and as such, is not subject to interactions in the rumen which can affect the absorption of oral supplements and boluses. It acts rapidly, reaching peak levels in the blood after only eight hours and the liver after 24 hours.

Multimin provides a fast, effective and reliable way to boost essential trace minerals ahead of times of high demand, such as calving and breeding. Indeed, in recent years, trial work has shown that strategic trace mineral supplementation with Multimin pre-calving and pre-breeding can help to improve calving distribution, with 77.5 per cent of Multimin-treated cattle calving in the first 20 days, versus 65 per cent in the control group.

It is known that herds with a tighter calving interval, have higher weaning weights and lower feed costs, so treatment with Multimin could help improve the performance and profitability of your herd.

To find out how treating with Multimin pre-calving could benefit your herd and your business, speak to your vet today.

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