Robust storage solutions to make the most of your farm vehicle

While a growing number of car manufacturers are making sturdy, farm-proof vehicles, they can sometimes lack the storage facilities to help you keep organised. Gearmate’s storage systems offer a useful addition to help keep your farm vehicle organised.

It’s no secret that farmers rely on tough, robust and reliable equipment to get important tasks completed successfully all day, every day – and often, there is a lot of equipment that needs to be moved around safely.

The problem with custom-fitted storage solutions for vehicles has long been that they are rather permanent, being screwed into place in the back of a vehicle – meaning they cannot be moved if you need the extra space and you also have to say goodbye to them if you sell the vehicle.

An option for farmers looking for a less permanent solution is to invest in a Gearmate system. Gearmate says it is the only manufacturer offering a no-drilling solution, allowing the system to be easily transferred between vehicles if required.

Gearmate’s unique bracket systems have been designed using 3D scan data of the different manufacturers’ beds to locate the tie-down points. This means the system has a straightforward, hassle-free installation with no risk of endangering the manufacturer’s vehicle warranty.

Each product is road safe, vigorously tested for heavy-duty use, and finished to the highest quality standard, with the perfect fit for each vehicle, the company says. Gearmate has vast experience in the automotive trade and offers its customers personal assistance when selecting the right vehicle equipment.

The company also offers secure lockable storage to help keep your tools and equipment safe and secure. Gearmate drawers provide up to 150kg extended load capacity, and they are all lockable as standard. They also offer further security options if, due to the nature of your items such as firearms or high-value kit, you need a little extra piece of mind.

Rain or shine, your trusty SUV or pick-up needs to be a tough, dependable workhorse and, with Gearmate’s high-quality materials and load capacity, the storage systems are the perfect addition, helping you to keep your vehicle organised, the company says.

Gearmate is an OEM-approved accessory supplier for UK-leading retailer Isuzu. The Isuzu D-Max is a popular pick-up choice in the UK among farmers, tradespeople, and other professionals due to its tough and reliable reputation. If you’re investing in Isuzu D-Max accessories, they need to be just as robust as the vehicle itself, the company says. Isuzu D-Max accessories have been engineered to a high specification using aerospace and automotive technology. They make use of aluminium and composite materials to make them as lightweight yet strong and durable as possible.

To find out more information about Gearmate’s storage system visit the website HERE.


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