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Round-up of machines eligible for new equipment and tech grants

The long-awaited Farming Equipment and Technology grants are finally here, so we spoke to Ben Willcox from Shropshire-based Mastek Engineering for an overview of the company’s range of machinery, which is available for grant funding.

Mastek offers a complete range of dribble bars and trailing shoe applicators to fit tankers of all makes and sizes,” Ben commented. “As a company we have spent many years supplying low emission spreading machines and are confident we can fit machines to every make of tanker.

“We have seen a surge of enquiries since the grants launched from farmers and contractors with many enquiries leaning towards trailing shoe applicators because of additional funding allocated on trailing shoes. We like to remind customers that although there is more funding available on the trailing shoe, it is a more expensive machine. Farmers and contractors need to ensure they are buying the right machine for the right reasons.”

Mastek’s biggest seller remains the 7.5m Professional Universal Dribble Bar weighing in at only 450kg. The machine simply replaces the slurry tanker’s existing door, meaning fitting is quick and simple. It features sprung break away and stone trap as standard. This machine is very popular on tankers from 1,300–3,000 gallons.


On the trailing shoe side, Mastek offers a 7.5m Micro Trailing Shoe. This machine is fixed to the tanker using fixed brackets and features a clever sequencing valve which unfolds the arms then tilts them to the ground, all on the same hydraulic circuit.

Finally, the company offers a Hybrid Dribble Bar which can feature 3- or 4-point linkage or can be bolted to the chassis of any suitable tanker. This machine is available in widths of 10 or 12m and features hydraulic accumulator break away and a junction box on the rear to allow for easy filling.

Mastek fits its own award-winning ‘SuperCut’ and ‘Micro SuperCut’ macerators to its range of dribble bars and trailing shoes, which are designed to handle long fibre and debris by using six unique V-shaped cutting discs to shear long fibre and plastic.


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