Elon Musk shares his opinion of one Clarkson’s farm product

The Tesla and X owner has been seen drinking a Hawkstone beer, made with barley grown on Jeremy Clarkson’s farm – but he’s not usually a beer fan.

picture on left shows bottle of Hawkstone beer, and right, Jeremy Clarkson next to a Clarkson's Farm sign
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A video of Elon Musk drinking a Hawkstone beer has been shared on TikTok – and while he’s not usually a beer drinker, it got the seal of approval.

The video shows Musk saying he doesn’t like the bitter taste of beer, before taking a sip and saying: “As beer goes, that’s great.”

It prompted many viewers to speculate on whether Musk knows the beer is a Clarkson product – given the less-than-positive comments Clarkson has made about Tesla in the past.


When a man who really doesn’t like beer …tries a Hawkstone.. #elonmusk #jeremyclarkson #hawkstone

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Barbed comments 

Tesla once tried to sue Top Gear for libel after an episode showing the original Tesla Roadster in 2008.

After a positive start the Tesla appeared to slow down on the track – and Clarkson’s voiceover said it ran out after only 55 miles and would take 16 hours to recharge.

However, Tesla claimed it had not run out of charge and unsuccessfully sued the show.

Clarkson has since said his review had been “hard hitting but fair” – but added that Tesla has come on a long way. Referring to the Tesla Model X, he said “a lot of it is very impressive”.

However, the pair have swapped many barbed comments in interviews and on social media over the years. 

Clarkson called Musk an “idiot” in an interview with the Independent in 2018, while Musk responded with a tweet calling Clarkson ‘weird’ and ‘rude’.

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Enemies to friends?

For those wondering if Clarkson might now retract his comments, he posted on X:

‘Mr Musk said on social media this week that he doesn’t much care for beer but as beers go, Hawkstone is pretty good. 

‘So I’d like to return the favour and say that I agree with him. Hawkstone is pretty good.’

One X user responded: ‘Especially the non-blowy up ones’ – a reference to the batch of Hawkstone cider that was recalled due to a risk that it could explode.

Clarkson replied: ‘That’s the rural halfwit’s cider. My beer is superb and also non explosive. As is the cider now.’

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