FSA urges disposal of meat purchased from Kent butchery 

A food alert has been put in place for businesses that have purchased products from Block and Cleaver in Kent. 

A food alert has been put in place by Food Standards Agency for food businesses that have purchased products from Block and Cleaver in Kent.
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Meat products supplied by a cutting plant in Swanley should be removed from the market because of food safety concerns, the Food Standards Agency said. 

The FSA has alerted Environmental Health and Trading Standards Services to take action to remove meat and meat products manufactured by Block and Cleaver from the market. 

These products, which have been supplied to food businesses in London and the South East of England, may not have been produced in accordance with GB food law requirements and therefore may be unsafe. 

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Withdraw from sale

FSA said that the products should not be eaten as they may have incorrect use by dates and could not have been manufactured in accordance with food safety management systems. . 

Their spokesperson added: “We are asking food businesses such as restaurants, cafes and hotels to withdraw from sale any meat or meat products supplied by Block and Cleaver because they are unsafe to eat. Products should be disposed of safely. 

“We are also asking food businesses who have sold meat or meat products at retail, directly to consumers, to undertake product recalls and inform their local authority, who are in turn requested to inform the FSA.” 

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