Sheep and lamb drowned after being chased by dogs into reservoir in Derbyshire

Sheep and a lamb had drowned after being chased by dogs into a reservoir. 

Sheep and a lamb had drowned after being chased by dogs into a reservoir in Bamford, Derbyshire Rural Crime Team confirmed.
Photo by Derbyshire Rural Crime Team.

The incident happened on 19th June on the east side of Howden Dam in Bamford, Derbyshire. 

The Derbyshire Rural Crime Team confirmed that the livestock drowned after being chased by five dogs. 

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Dogs not on leads 

Officers have published a video taken in the area and are appealing for information in regards to this incident. 

A spokesperson for the Derbyshire Rural Crime Team said: “We would like your help in identifying the female in the video. She was on the east side of Howden Dam in Bamford, on the 19/06/24 at around 15:50 with five dogs and a small toddler.  

“The five dogs were not on leads, some of the dogs chased and attacked sheep and a lamb resulting in them running into the reservoir to get away from the attack where they both drowned.  

“A witness said one of the dogs seemed to be a sausage dog. 

“If anyone knows who this female is or has any information regarding this incident, please can you contact us, quoting reference 24*363748.”

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Livestock worrying

Livestock worrying, when dogs chase, attack, or cause distress to livestock, can result in significant injury and suffering, and in the worst cases, the death of the animals involved.

These incidents are also distressing for livestock keepers and can have significant financial costs.

NFU Mutual has announced data which shows that farm animals worth an estimated £1.8 million were killed or injured by out-of-control dogs in just one year.

NFU Mutual rural affairs specialist, Hannah Binns, said: “It is hard for people to imagine their friendly family pet could chase, injure or kill another animal, but all dogs are capable of this, regardless of breed or size. NFU Mutual’s latest data estimates farm animals worth £1.8 million were severely injured or killed by dogs in 2022, and early indications suggest the cost has risen again in 2023.

“Even if the dog does not make contact with the sheep, the distress and exhaustion from being chased can cause a pregnant ewe to miscarry or die and also separate young lambs from their mothers.”

Ms Binns added that NFU Mutual has been calling for dog owners to be responsible when out exploring the countryside and to keep their dogs on a lead around livestock. If there is an attack, it is important that people accept responsibility and report it, either to the police or a local farmer, so that the injured animals are not left suffering.

Stock photo.

NFU Mutual has shared tips for dog owners visiting the countryside:  

  • Keep dogs on a lead when walking in rural areas where livestock are kept but let go of the lead if chased by cattle 
  • Be aware that all dogs, regardless of size, breed, and temperament, can cause the distress, injury, and death of farm animals 
  • Report attacks by dogs to the police or local farmers 
  • Never let dogs loose unsupervised in gardens near livestock fields – many attacks are caused by dogs that escape and attack sheep grazing nearby.  
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