What will be served in pub bought by Jeremy Clarkson?

Jeremy Clarkson has just announced his latest purchase, The Windmill pub in Burford, Oxfordshire. 

The star of Clarkson's Farm, Jeremy Clarkson, has just announced his latest purchase, The Windmill pub in Burford, Oxfordshire.
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The star of Clarkson’s Farm revealed that the historic Cotswolds pub cost him ‘less than £1 million’. 

Mr Clarkson also said that his new business will serve locally-sourced ingredients. 

The owner plans to host bar games, and, in a move that may surprise some, wants to ban noisy TVs, fruit machines and ‘confusing’ toilet signs. 

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Wedding at Clarkson’s pub

The Windmill has been known for its excellent reviews and reasonable prices. The business previously marketed itself as a ‘magical Oxfordshire wedding and event venue in the heart of the Cotswolds’.

Mr Clarkson wrote in his column for The Sunday Times that there is a wedding reception scheduled ‘in a couple of weeks’ time’.

However, the farmer is sceptical about his ability to handle the task, cautioning that all ‘evidence [suggests] it will be a total disaster’.

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Mental health hub for farmers

Mr Clarkson added: ‘As one friend put it: owning a pub these days is even more daft than owning a farm, but there’s something inside a man that causes him to think, when he has the means, it’d be nice to buy the village boozer.’ 

He added that the newly purchased venue will be offering products from the Diddly Squat Farm as well as Mr Clarkson’s own Hawkstone beer on draught. 

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The Clarkson’s Farm star said: ‘I also wanted a room I could turn into a clubhouse, which, on wet weekdays, would provide a mental health forum and a free pint for the nation’s farmers. 

‘I wanted dogs and families round the fire. And a restaurant where absolutely everything had been grown or reared in Britain. Even the salt, pepper and wine. I had even decided there’d be no coffee or Coca-Cola.’ 

A question now arises whether Mr Clarkson will decide to share his journey of renovating and reopening the pub with fans of the Clarkson’s Farm, the same way he showed the progress with opening his farm shop

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