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Gibbons Farm

Farm Manager (office) Wanted

A long-standing farm manager at Gibbon Farms (a large arable & contracting business), will be retiring in Dec. 2019. We are searching for a full-time person. This is mainly an office-based position, but with a requirement to drive tractors at busy times.
The prospective applicant will be expected to work on the following:

Gatekeeper (arable program) – input records

Red Tractor Produce Scheme

Assist with cash-flow and crop prices monitoring

Stock valuations for year end accounts

Some training for this position will be provided. However, it is essential that any applicant has a basic understanding of, and experience within, the UK agricultural business. A small 3 bedroom cottage may be available for a suitable candidate.

Initial contact may be made either to [email protected] or [email protected], or by phone to Gibbon Farms, Great Bentley, Colchester. Tel: 01206 250 243

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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