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Stubble cultivation combined with a pneumatic seed drill

For most farmers, sowing catch crops directly as they cultivate their stubble is the easiest approach, as it avoids an additional pass and reduces working time, effort and costs. This is why Lemken now offers a combined pneumatic intercrop seeder for its cultivators and compact disc harrows, allowing farmers to utilise the optimal time for sowing and benefit from immediate erosion protection.

The new Lemken SeedHub ensures precise application even in windy conditions. A fan conveys the seeds to the baffle plates for the individual part width sections, where they are evenly distributed just ahead of the roller or ideally, into the flow of surface soil. Comprehensive standard features make the SeedHub particularly easy to work with and a calibration sensor allows for easy calibration directly on the implement, and a fill level indicator shows operators when the hopper needs to be refilled with seed. With two seeding shafts for fine and coarse seeds, the SeedHub is optimally equipped for any crop. Speed is measured via a seven-pin signal socket or optionally via a GPS speed sensor.

The integrated control module handles all implement functions for precise sowing. It controls not only the implement speed, but also the blower speed, and allows calibration to be performed automatically. The application rate can also be adjusted electronically during operation and calibration can be done automatically when using the optional GPS sensor.

The pneumatic seed drill has a modular design and is easy to mount – it comes with a console, step and platform as standard. The seed drill will be available in two versions from the 2020 price list: The 200-litre version with electric blower fan is initially available for rigid cultivators and compact disc harrows and the 500-litre version with hydraulic blower fan complements the Rubin 10 semi-mounted compact disc harrows and Kristall cultivators with transport chassis.


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