The future of farming?

Farmtrac’s electric FT25G tractor leads the charge.

The innovative electric FT25G tractor’s compact size, zero emissions and low noise levels make it the ideal choice for small farms.

The future of farming has long been a topic of interest with innovative technology maximising efficiency while remaining eco-friendly being at the forefront of the conversation. Couple that with recent challenges such as COVID-19 restrictions and now Brexit, the UK farming community finds itself in uncharted territory.

Demand for home-grown produce is increasing, so it’s no surprise that farms in Britain are feeling the pressure when it comes to meeting food supply quotas. So, what can be done to help with this increased demand? Ensuring you have efficient and reliable machinery is one of the easiest ways to maximise productivity and get jobs done quickly. And there’s one machine that’s become the statement piece of kit in the agricultural industry due to its multi-functional capabilities – the tractor.

Having a robust and reliable tractor in the shed can make a huge difference, and Farmtrac’s cutting-edge and cost-effective electric tractor is the perfect choice for small farms. The innovative electric FT25G tractor works as a functional workhorse, with the added benefits of sought-after green credentials.

Featuring a lithium-ion battery, charged from a domestic socket to 100 percent in eight hours and able to run for up to seven, productivity isn’t affected by the decision to go green. As an electric model, costly diesel fuel is cut out along with the complicated maintenance that comes with diesel engine machinery, so customers see real savings in the long-term. Its compact size, zero emissions and low noise levels also add to its features which make it the ideal choice for small farms, particularly for livestock and fruit farming.

When put to the test the FT25G doesn’t fail to impress. After featuring on BBC’s Countryfile and the world’s number one clean energy and electric vehicle channel FullyCharged with Robert Llewellyn and Adam Henson, the FT25G was referenced as “amazing” and “incredible” on many occasions in both programmes as it was reviewed.

For ultimate peace of mind, the FT25G also comes with a robust warranty, supported by Reesink Agriculture, a distributor renowned and trusted for its servicing, maintenance and back-up.

Steven Haynes, tractor sales manager for Reesink, says: “With Farmtrac, customers can get a tractor solution that represents both great value and great performance. The FT25G in particular stands out in the industry as a totally unique offering, with nothing else like it. It’s generated a lot of interest already and will only continue to do so as more customers experience its innovative features and fantastic performance.”

The FT25G is part of Farmtrac’s comprehensive and innovative nine-strong smart-looking 22-113hp range. It offers a powerful, productive and versatile solution for a wide range of jobs, from ploughing, seeding and fertilising, to cultivating, harvesting and transporting. Call Reesink on 01480 226800 to find out more.

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