The Swifterdisc provides swift and affordable soil cultivation

Bednar Swifterdisc is a short disc cultivator which has been developed for uniform cultivation in order to maximise the mixing quality of soil and plant residue, creating a homogeneous material with the plant residue to allow decomposing quickly and evenly.

All of this at high operating speeds, which have a positive impact on the tilling quality. The compact SwifterDisc cultivator is particularly suitable for shallow tillage with intensive soil mixing. By placing the discs on flexible rubber segments the uneven terrain is tracked and the Twin-Disc system guarantees an excellent material throughput.

Superior tillage quality is ensured with the aggressive A-discs which function at high operating speeds. The equipment provides swift and affordable soil cultivation, whilst the time spent tilling fields is significantly shortened and the overall costs for cultivation and fuel are reduced.

Swifterdisc can be spec’d in various configurations to suit your farm, fully mounted or trailed ranging from 3m to 18.4m in width.

Starting at the front of a trailed machine, there is a drawbar with options of various sized rings or a cat 3 crossbar fixing to your lower links, the depth of the machine is set using hydro clips, setting the rear packer and wing depth wheels in the process. When the machine is in work and the hydraulics set to float the drawbar allows the machine to follow the contours of the field.

Front working equipment can be added in the form of a trash cutter (for resilient crop residue) or a set of levelling paddles, both hydraulically controlled.

The main body of the machine has 2 rows of discs with 2 discs sharing one arm to reduce the risk of blockages and increase material flow through the machine, there are 2 sizes of A disc 520mm or 560mm depending on the width and model of machine.

The transport wheels are directly behind the discs which give great stability when on the road and lift out of the way when in work.

Packers, are in three sections with exception on the rigid machines, Bednar offer over 10 packers to choose from to give you the best results for your farm. Behind the packers Bednar offer a following harrow option if required.

Swifterdisc’s LED lights and reflectors make sure the machine is seen well day or night on the roads.

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